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Chapter 5 – The Benefits of Exercise


Some sample exercise plans discussed in The Formula

Beginner example:

 Start with 20 minutes a day for 3-5 days a week. 8 minutes fast walking (aerobic) 6 minutes doing upper- body weight training (anaerobic) and six minutes stretching. Upper body weight training can be as simple as arm curls and front and side arm raises holding a can of soup in each hand or light hand weights 2-3 pounds.  They do not have to be 10 pound weights. 

Beginner/Intermediate example:

If you are exercising at a beginner/intermediate level, 40 minutes a day for four to five days a week is a good goal. Spend 16 minutes fast walking, swimming or fast stationary bicycling; (aerobic) 12 minutes lifting weights or using weight machines (anaerobic), and 12 minutes stretching. 

Intermediate example:

If you are exercising at an intermediate level, 50 minutes a day for five days per week is a good goal.  Spend 20 minutes fast walking or jogging, swimming, or using indoor stationary machines; (aerobic), 15 minutes lifting free weights, using weight machines or doing push-ups or lunges (anaerobic) and 15 minutes stretching. When you do lunges, if you have never done them before I suggest  work your way into them, a few minutes is enough the first time. Otherwise your muscles will be sore the next day, but don’t despair they will repair quickly. Listen to your body; trust what it tells you, it’s intelligent. 


If you are exercising at an intermediate/advanced level, 60 minutes a day for five days per week is a good goal. Spend 24 minutes running, swimming or using high intensity indoor stationary machines (aerobic), 18 minutes lifting free weights using weight machines, or doing push-ups or lunges (anaerobic) and 18 minutes stretching.

It doesn’t matter if its eating or exercise the magic numbers are 40- 30 -30. With practice you will learn this method.  It’s always best to consult a doctor when you begin lifestyle changes.  Your doctor can advise you as to any personal concerns you should have while making changes in exercise and diet. I found a Lifestyle Modification Coach, who understands the challenges that we face in finding time for exercise and well-being.  She knows it is especially difficult to stick to your wellness goals when you are trying to do it alone. It is a good idea to have an accountability partner, someone to inspire and support you as you dedicate your time to being the best you that you can be. Gena has an E-Book – “The Livings Key Principles” is a practical no nonsense step-by-step guide that will improve your ability to create wholeness, peace and health in your everyday life effectively and successfully. You can download your “FREE” Copy Today at and find out Why! 

Some of the things that I learned from this chapter, benefits of exercise perhaps you did not know as well; the difference between aerobic vs anaerobic exercises.  Exercise effects hormones and there was fat burning, fat storing, and fat building and repairing hormones. Fat provides twice as much energy as glucose.  It is beneficial to eat a balanced snack 30 minutes before you exercise. I didn’t know that stretching is important as you age. Until this past year I have never stretched a day in my life. It is not necessary to always change your stretches quickly, I had the same stretches for months, I can now touch the floor when I bend, which was impossible when I first started to work out. With the formula of 40-30-30, when you work out for one hour, include 18 minutes of stretching should go along with your routine. It is truly amazing and simple to remember that a 40 30-30 relationship exists in exercise as well as food.  Create a workout that is not too strenuous, listen to your own body, and discover exercises that you ENJOY. Remember not to rush the process; exercise is a way of life to enhance your well-being similar to creating an excellent day!

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