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Did you know that it is possible to meet like minded individuals and potential customers without leaving the comfort of your home? How convenient would it be if you didn’t have to drive hours to get to an event or spend money on gas to hear a speaker or to network? Let me share with you my favorite way to network and that is through Blitztime. You will find Blitztime is not only user friendly but is a great place on the internet where you can network without having to pay for each event that you participate in. There is also the opportunity to help others by hosting an event as you share your knowledge and promote your business. In a 60 minutes phone call, you have the ability to talk to many different individuals worldwide.  How does that sound? A global reach from your home! How much of a benefit would this be to your business and personal life if you could still gain contacts with our leaving your house or office?  Think about it, if it’s 90 degrees outside, hot and sticky humid or even when it’s 5 below zero, huge snow drifts and icy roads outside you can still be productive and network without stepping out the door!  Anyone who is looking to grow their business can benefit from online networking.  If you are reading this article this probably is quite appealing to you. It certainly was for me and since I began I’ve had 1000+ conversations by phone this past year alone. Also, it is through Blitztime I’ve made life long friends and business associates that I would have otherwise never met.  When you actually try Blitztime you will then realize how powerful it can be. 

The ability to network over the telephone and meet people from all over the world has been a great opportunity and an eye opening experience. I have been in the corporate world for the last 28 years glued to a computer screen at my desk watching the stock market while creating winning portfolios. I was never exposed to networking until I was invited to be an Arbonne Independent Consultant by a friend. To say the least this was different and exciting. It also planted a seed within me the benefit of being around such a variety of people at one time. I loved it and when I found a way to network by phone I was even more intrigued at how this could really boost my business. As I spoke to people more I soon realized just how important it is to establish solid relationships if you desire to be successful in business. Through and various social media avenues, I’ve been able to network both in person and on line.  What has been the best part for me is how it has fit so seamlessly into my life and has changed it for the better since I have discovered new friends, business associates and entrepreneurial opportunities just through my online networking efforts.  

Blitztime is pretty much a one stop networking shop which creates an environment that is friendly, praises those willing to help others and offers you a place where you can share your expertise.  Blitztime allows you the ability to share a presentation (which may include slides) plus one-on-one conversations with other registered attendees who are randomly picked by the computer and sent directly to your phone line. You are automatically networking with a diverse crowd while creating a new circle of influence that can be very powerful.  As you learn more about the Blitztime community you will notice everyone you talk to during the ‘blitz’ will now have a reference through your interaction and will automatically keep you in mind should someone need a product or service. And this is also where you can build your own referral list of qualified professionals. It could take a couple of times before you realize how to make it most productive for you but let me tell you once you ‘get it’ you are hooked! 

Remember too, most prospects you run across are not particularly interested in you or what you do per say. They just want to know ‘IF’ your product or service will really help them solve their problem.  As you continue to help those around you with their problems in their lives or businesses and you will be able to give value to them and you are well on your way to being a successful networker.  This also applies when networking over the internet. Nothing changes. You are still dealing one on one with potential contacts who are ready to do business on one level or another. You automatically weed out the ‘shoppers’. So why not get social and give yourself an opportunity to build relationships, make new connections and get social without leaving your home through Blitztime! It has been one of the best business networking experiences of my life. Make sure to share your experience and drop me a note. Also, remember that ‘The Option Girl’ is always around to help make your network experience a success so feel free to contact me at to answer any questions that you might have.   

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