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In a recent blog post, I introduced you to the  powerful online experience called  Blitztime which gives you the ability to network with people over the phone. If you desire to build your business there are many events for you  to choose from and also find  good hearted people that also believe in my concept of ‘sharing is caring’.  All you have to do is listen carefully and before you know it you will connect with other like minded individuals with whom you can share strategies that build business.  Networking on Blitztime is like speed dating… only it’s for business. It could take a couple of times before you realize how to make it most productive for you. So in the meantime, I will share with you some of the easiest ways to do this in order to maximize your networking efforts. 

  • Like any other social media site it is highly recommended to fill out your Blitztime profile with detailed information about who you are just as you would in social media venues like Facebook, Twitter or  LinkedIn. The more pertinent information you provide then the more people can learn about you and your business.  This information will give the best impression when they are talking to you during a Blitztime event or for those who are seeking out new contacts through the community. A professional picture should be posted so people will know what you look like. This puts a face to the profile. Although it’s not necessary to have a picture to participate in an event, it’s simply a great practice to follow. So take the time to fill out your profile so others can take you seriously.
  • This is the fun part. Seek out events that will fit your individual needs. You will find hundreds of events throughout the community. It is as easy as reading the descriptions and signing up. They cost $5 each. If you are committed to building your business allow Blitztime to help you do this by subscribing for $19 per month and then attending a self imposed minimum of 2 events per week. This kind of dedication will easily turn into a larger contact list for you and a fun way to talk with others about your business.
  • While attending a  Blitztime event you want to make sure that you connect on a level where you can understand what that person and their business is all about.  I learned this when meeting my coach, Kimyon Zari. She shared something very profound with me when she said, ‘When you listen, you understand. Listen carefully. Listening is an art”. Did you hear your new contact share what they might need? Maybe they told you and you have the materials or product to help solve the problem.  If you have been reading my blog posts then you know I have had success losing weight with the consistent use of my Arbonne weight loss products combined with my fitness trainer Gena Livings. I met Gena on Twitter and communicate with her over the internet. She was able to tune into my needs by just listening to what I was saying. I’ve seen it work and have applied the same principles with those I also have come into contact with. So you see, it is possible to build a relationship with someone you met over the internet and it can be just as powerful as meeting someone from an in person networking event.
  • If you are going to take the time to network then you should take the time to follow up since this is where the relationship is truly formed.  It is as easy as sending an email since Blitztime provides a running list of your connections for easy access. I’ve also followed up by sending a friendly card and also by calling those whom I had a special connection.  Just taking those few minutes to say ‘it was great to meet you and I am interested in hearing more’ – you have started the process of building a relationship that allows your new contact the opportunity to remember you forever.
  • Be of service. It is not always about money or making a sale. Sometimes you can be a huge help to another by just referring them to those who might be able to meet their needs. This also serves to build even more of a rapor with both parties. It is a win win situation. Look around for ways to connect others that you have met. Listen carefully to find other people who would like to  spend the time to bring their creativity to the table while using their resources to create something new.

I could go on for days sharing all the good things Blitztime has to offer. It has helped my business, expanded my network and even helped me grow on a personal level. Because of my desire to effectively network, I have had the pleasure in meeting two super stars of Blitztime, Dale Donnelly  and Deb Mullen.  Both have been instrumental in helping me to navigate through Blitztime and it is because of them I’m no longer a fish out of water! Now I have a home based business and am part of a team. They even drove over 4 hours to be at a my surprise birthday party! All this from having repetitive networking conversations by the telephone.  What a miracle to develop a bond that has turned into such special friendships.  This is one of the best benefits of networking through Blitztime… the ability to create lasting personal and professional relationships.

So why not come join me and meet new people from all over the world. You can find partners, friends and associates to grow your visibility. So I suggest stretch out of your comfort zone, dream big, The sky’s the limit! Go for it, start small but do the action now. ~Bonnie


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