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Maybe you already are already part of a networking group where people show up each week. Tell me, how effective has your group been in creating meaningful connection that move forward to better business? Is your group as effective as it could be?  Has your group fallen prey to members who have decided to leave because there are not enough referrals or the group has become too social. Whatever the reason the time has come to take a serious look as to what you can do to help your group incorporate new strategies that allow it to become effective by creating an environment for new business leads. A win on both sides in business is the most effective strategy you can employ in business. Some suggestions or solutions that could benefit both the networker and the group are:

Have an incentive program where if you bring in 3 new people you receive a money incentive, ex. $50.

If they can bring in 3 people for the quarter offer a free year’s membership for as long as the person stays in the group.

Most referrals in the group for the week can win $10.

Bring in a certain amount of people (example 4) a free membership is given.

If the members don’t give any referrals they must pay $1 each week. It does not seem like a lot, but it will add up and could be put towards an event that the group is planning in the future, as it reminds the members to work at finding quality referrals for others. Always remember sharing is caring.

Create an environment that makes networking fun even though you are in a professional atmosphere.  At the same time remind everyone to take it serious as “people’s time” is a valuable commodity, and it should be beneficial for all members of the group, as they are loyal to one another.

Remember too that reliable sources for business professionals are recommend by clients, family and friends. There is an automatic “Feel Good Factor” we get in our hearts when we help one another towards success. A close networking group who trusts each of its members is magical and hard to find but worth creating because it can be very lucrative and rewarding in your business.  In order for this to occur attendance is very important. If you don’t show up you can’t expect other members to recommend or trust you. 

With effective networking you can stay in touch with your clients and customers. Focus on all that is positive, on the needs that will move your business forward and build indestructible relationships. Ask for help when needed, now is not the time to be shy. Be creative by leading rather than just reacting. Without them you stand alone; with them you create miracles. You are what you choose to be. Create a great week! ~Bonnie 

  • These are helpful tips for successful networking Bonnie.

    I also believe a tip would be – help others in your group. You can help them of course with referrals which is the whole purpose. But be creative: what resources do they need that you can help them find? Maybe they have a situation at home where you could offer to take their family a pizza one evening?

    Much of the success of any kind of networking group goes beyond the minimum requirements.

    It's about the relationship and building it wide and deep.

    Thanks for your tips.

  • Bonnie Gortler, the Option Girl |

    Hi Pat,

    In what you do whether it be networking, business, or family going the extra mile makes a huge difference. Building a relationship is Key. Without it you have nothing of significance, with building a relationship a foundation is built that could be for a lifetime. Thank you for sharing your networking wisdom.


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