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How would you feel if your computer had a data base program with the names, addresses, and phone numbers of all your contacts right at your fingertips?  Imagine not looking through paper, business cards, or drawers because everything that you need is all in one place. This powerful tool is readily accessed with a click of a button; whether you are at a beach in Aruba, your desk in the corporate world, or an entrepreneur running your network marketing business from home. So gather your names, mailing addresses, phone numbers, e mails and get ready for step one. If all of this information is within an excel spreadsheet it can easily exported in seconds. Doesn’t matter if you have 20, 100, or thousands of people. Once you know the necessary column format, you are good to go. Effective time management is about to begin. Now isn’t that something you can find useful?

When you have an organized data base you put balance into your life. If your contacts are disorganized you waste valuable time. No more time wasted searching for a phone number all you need to do is just open your data base, log in, input a name & click to find your contact and it appears like magic. All of the information that you need is right in front of you.

Being disorganized not only wastes time, it can also delay thoughts, cause frustration and can even reduce your profit potential. Growing your businesses is important and requires a plan. Do you have a shoebox full of business cards scattered around your desk, night table, or in a briefcase? Perhaps you have E mail addresses in AOL or Gmail. A file with the following columns are required for organizing the painless way: persons first name, last name, address, e mail, phone number, spouse name, birthday, and anniversary. All these fields hold great information for you to be able to really connect with someone. Now that you have completed step one, step two is next.

Do you have business cards that you do nothing with, are they scattered all over, are they serving a useful purpose? May I suggest you enter all your business cards in your excel file, which you will export into your SOC data base and then you can get rid of the business cards as they are no longer necessary to keep.  You have the ability to create different groups so you can identify them.  For example: Group by ABC

Group A for people you know and do business with

Group B People you would like to do business with

Group C People who you have met but don’t remember them well

Being organized, in life balance, & living a life in control of you is great self care. Reduce the pressure from yourself & take the time to appreciate what is around you and make an effort to be important in someone else’s life. Help make someone else feel appreciated.  In business and in life it’s important to care about others. When you network you now have an easy way to follow up and be remembered. Building a network of people that you will know for the rest of your life.  Stay in touch with your loved ones, friends or maybe even people that you don’t know… yet. By having your data base just one click away via a high speed network connection or your cell phone (the smart phone in the very near future) can help in a huge way to foster lasing relationships. By utilizing this valuable resource you will be able to stay organized, communicate and be effective. Take the opportunity to experience the ease yourself by visiting where you will have the opportunity to see just how simple, easy and effective such a tool really is in order to have some organization in your life. Create an excellent week. ~Bonnie

  • Good information and very good idea to use the SOC database for your contacts.


  • Bonnie Gortler, the Option Girl |

    Thanks Jim,

    I use my SOC Database for my contacts all the time, its great having everything all together and easy to use.

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