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Bonnie Gortler, the Wealth and Well-Being Coach presents…

7 Days to More Wealth and Well-Being

Jumpstart the Healthy Wealthy Lifestyle You Desire within 7 Days!

7 Days to More Wealth and Well-Being banner block 2Imagine your life with less stress, increased confidence, and days that flow with ease instead of days filled with pain and worry about your money.

Make it a priority of creating good habits and routines that you will derive pleasure from, and also improve and enhance your wealth and well-being.

All habits can be changed when you have the desire that you want to change. Make the decision to always embrace, explore, experience, and enjoy pursuing your journey to wealth and well-being.

Bonnie Gortler, the Inspired Wealth & Well-Being Coach, is a successful stock market expert who has been instrumental in managing multi-million dollar client portfolios within a top rated investment firm during her over 30 year corporate career.  As the author of “Journey to Wealth”, Bonnie has made it her mission to share the importance of risk management and how to enjoy true financial well-being by applying the technical and mental sides of investing.  Bonnie has a M.B.A. in Business Administration and is a certified life coach.  She is a huge sports fan who believes in healthy eating and has an unyielding passion for fitness.  It is through her love of social media, blogging, coaching that she is able to create change in the lives of many and inspire people from around the world. Bonnie is fully committed to your personal growth and development as she shares her winning spirit and powerful techniques with you.  Visit to gain tips and insights surrounding investing, healthy eating, personal development and inspiration through her writings on Wealth and Well-Being. Live the healthy, wealthy lifestyle you desire.

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