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The desire to lose weight and live a healthier life style is part of my vision. I will begin with full disclosure that I am not an expert, a nutritionist, or a trainer. I am inspired and motivated more than ever now as I have lost 27 pounds since September 27, 2009 when I began with ‘Lifestyle Modification Coach’, Gena Livings‘ to whom I am very grateful for finding. We established a relationship on Twitter and I soon after enrolled in her internet program of Exercise & Nutrition. This is super convenient and has made all the difference in my weight loss experience. There are so many people who go to a gym to work out or may even hire a trainer to go to their house. I too went this route and would always somehow injure myself, never losing the weight and certainly not enjoying the process. But with Gena’s online program (which includes weekly e-Mail and a monthly coaching call) has been the best experience from the start and I continue to enjoy working out. (Oops, did I say that? 😉  

Recently, I e-mailed Gena to gain insight into the term ‘Lifestyle Modification Coach’. Here’s a bit of our conversation: 

“Question of the day! Lifestyle Modification —What does that actually mean?” (me)

“Through questions and listening, I help my clients discern more of their own truths by helping them create and maintain healthy lifestyle patterns (in the field of health and well-being) that work for THEM. This typically includes “modifying” some of their old worn out patterns that are no longer serving them and replacing them with new healthy patterns that do! I help people cultivate their awareness so that they can make conscious choices based on a healthy attitude and mind set. … It is always my primary goal to help people regain the feeling of self-love, self-acceptance, self-esteem and overall self-awareness in order to reacquaint them to their higher self. By helping people create and cultivate a positive outlook along with healthy eating and exercise practices, perceptions can be transformed for productive outcomes. …Lifestyle modification coaching helps people feel and lead more vibrant, happy and joyful lives from the inside out.”

WOW! Was I ever blown away by this. Not only because of the power within each word but mainly behind the sincerity that flows in line with every action that follows. Gena has made a lasting impact on so many with her dedication and compassionate upbeat manner.  She has the unique ability to effectively communicate just how exercise, positive attitude, good healthy choices and the balance of healthy food can aid in your healing process and well being. Health and wellness is so important in your life today, as well as being such a popular growing billion dollar industry. Which provides a great opportunity to prosper in business if you’re inclined. 

My story isn’t much different from many of you who have struggled with weight loss. When my daughter was born (almost 18 years ago) I put on 68 pounds. The weight took its toll on my entire body, especially my legs. I was unable to run and I found it hard to walk without experiencing pain. My legs would swell beyond recognition each night after I would arrive home from my corporate job. Some days my ankle would swell to the size of a grapefruit. I was lethargic, stressed out, miserable & felt unhappy that I was overweight. Then add the past 28 years where I have stared at a stock market screen with the quotes of market indexes 5 days a week for about 7 hours a day. I rarely left the office and I never exercised, I ate poorly, was not concerned with my well being. My body was full of stress, and chips were a favorite snack especially if the stock market was falling. It was after my surgery in 1995 that I turned to massage for relief. What a difference a good decision makes! That was only the beginning because since then I fully understood that I could; with some action, feel better and heal my physical body and my mind too.

I was inspired time and again by the strong spirit within my mother-in-law.  She showed me through  pure will that no obstacle was too big to overcome.  She worked diligently to overcome her own paralysis. It happened with no warning and within hours her throat muscle lost ability to swallow. She was in the process of eating a saltine cracker when it closed completely.  Nobody knew what was going on. It was only after many different tests she was diagnosed with Inflammation Myopathy, a rare disease of the immune system. All of her muscles had begun to collapse in her body. She was not able to raise her arms and legs up or down and it was impossible to walk.  She only had the ability to move her hands side to side and to speak.  You find out quick just how much we take our bodies for granted when you watch someone’s life change within a twenty four hour period.  Due to her condition she had to resort to the use of a feeding tube to give her body proper nourishment.   This would bring many to believe their life was over but not my mother-in-law! The will to live came through loud and clear as it was never an option in her mind to give up. Each time we would visit in the hospital or rehab center my heart broke as I watched her daily fight to live but at the same time deeply inspired by her desire to live. This was a message to me that a change was necessary in my own life. I finally understood that life is too short and it is up to me to take the time to enjoy life to the fullest.

So many people have expressed to me this past year the importance of writing your desires and creating a plan, otherwise it is nothing more than a wish. It is so important to stick to your written goals and work towards them rather than to fall back into old routines. I am on this amazing journey with many challenges to conquer along the way. Learning too, that life happens and you are going to have to make some hard choices.  YOU have the choice in what YOU do. You are totally responsible for creating your own sense of fulfillment and happiness and to enjoy your life. If you continue to do what you’ve always done, you’ll get the same results. So might I suggest that you make a CHANGE, as YOU are bigger than life! Take care of you! Remember, when you take care of yourself you can take care of others!   

Tell me? What would it take to inspire you to make the change in your life? Don’t let it be something as drastic as an illness to move you into action. Take the time now, when you’re healthy to make the proper changes that will ensure a life of quality and growth. You have people who love you but most of all you have to love yourself enough to want to create the best life possible. I encourage you to follow this series so we can move to a better life… together. Make sure to connect with Gena too. She is awesome!

Click Here Now” to receive a ONE WEEK FREE Online Exercise DEMO!