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The importance of personal growth was first introduced to me through a network marketing company called Arbonne in November ‘07 who is now celebrating their 30 year anniversary. I was exposed to some very inspiring women at this meeting and it was during a series of events during this gathering that I came to the conclusion that it was necessary to improve myself before I could improve the lives of others. What a revelation! After going to a spa party, sampling some skin creams and aromatherapy products, the story about the Arbonne opportunity was presented to me. I signed up as a consultant after reading their literature and like magic I was an entrepreneur with my own home based business. I knew nothing about skincare, absolute zero; however, I am a big believer in a holistic approach to well being, loved essential oils and massage. It has been a perfect fit. My life has always been about overcoming obstacles and assisting others to reach their dreams and financial aspirations. Pair my past encounters with a rock solid business background and I had the perfect mix to take on this new challenge. As I think back, I was so very grateful for the opportunity to stretch my wings as I embarked on this new chapter of entrepreneurship as it has helped balance out my personal and professional life by allowing me become a stronger person while still helping others to grow as well.   

As I believe, if you are going to represent a company and sell a product, it is necessary to believe in the company and use the products so you can share your experiences with your potential clients. I tried the Arbonne skin care line, makeup, aromatherapy, and spa products and saw immediate results. Through the discovery journey I fell in love with the Arbonne Figure 8 weight loss products.  I could not believe that for the first time in my life I was actually losing weight! My regime would start out with taking the vitamins and daily supplements. I could tell they made me feel stronger and provided that natural energy boost I needed. For breakfast I began using the protein shake in both flavors chocolate and vanilla. I had lost a few pounds and my mind began to focus on loosing even more. Once Arbonne added a citrus energy drinks to their product line followed by a pomegranate and I was already vested but enjoyed the change and the variety it provided. The nutritional program can even be taken to another level by using the Arbonne ‘Learn and Burn’ CD series. I found by using the products, learning more about how each were designed to work synergistically and seeing my own weight loss that I became even more excited and stood firm that I had made the right choice.  

What I found with my own self discovery that I still needed one on one support. The products were doing more than what I expected and it was time to address my own need for physical activity and interaction. Luckily, I found Gena’s nutrition and exercise program which only enhanced my use of the Arbonne weight loss products.  I could feel Gena’s energy immediately and it had a profound effect on me. By combining the two systems, not only was I losing weight but it I was losing inches rapidly. Talk about taking it to the next level! With so much attention to my diet it became clearer by the day that healthy foods are to nourish the body. In the past I never took the time for myself to eat breakfast and would have my first meal at around 1:00 p.m.  I had always heard and read breakfast is an important meal to nourish the body; however, I never did anything about it until I was encouraged by Gena’s philosophy to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle which would involve being physically fit, nutritionally sound and in tune with your mind body and spirit. As I incorporated the Arbonne weight loss program with eating healthier foods from Gena’s program it was obvious I was well on my way to losing weight naturally in a slow methodical healthy way from the inside out.

What I also discovered from using the Arbonne program is that this complete line of products will help you to re-establish a positive relationship with your body through maintaining the healthy lifestyle you desire. The mind & body connection is key in order for you to sustain positive weight loss. So whether it’s to lose weight or to continue on your path to healthy living, the power to control your health, wellbeing and destiny is in your hands. It all starts with a decision. My best advice is that you make up your mind to live life to the fullest and to do what it takes for you to lose weight. Healthy living is a choice, one that is very much in your control. Remember too, it’s what’s on the inside that counts and you need to “enjoy doing” so that you will stay on solid ground as you incorporate smart healthy choices into your daily way of life.  Give yourself time, take small steps, use the power within, open up, and listen to your heart. Your body is speaking to you! Your body will tell you exactly what it needs to feel good if you will just stop, pay attention and listen to your inner guidance. It takes a great amount of perseverance and will power to forge ahead. This is how great things happen. Are you willing to actually make that permanent shift to a better, happier lifestyle?

If you are ready then may I suggest you stay tuned to the ‘Option Girl’ blog posts. I will be covering the national bestseller, THE FORMULA- a Personalized 40-30-30 Weight-Loss Program by Gene and Joyce Daoust, chapter by chapter. This is a powerful book since it has so many lessons about nutrition that you can be incorporate into your life. I know it will be a major benefit to you.  Pick up your own copy and follow along. See you next post when we begin Chapter 1.