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When you experience big changes in your life, it’s tempting to want things to go back to “normal”.  Your big change could involve your personal life, your health, your career, and/or your business. But what if your normal is a “new normal”. Your new normal could be even better than your old normal and include changes that prevent you from ever going back to your old normal. Some things that we experience in life change us so profoundly that there is no going back. And that’s a good thing. After I got so sick in the summer of 2015 and came so close to death, people asked my son, Nick, “How is your mom doing?” His answer was, “She is better than normal.” I changed profoundly from going over to the other side and coming back into my body. If I had set my eyes on returning to my old “normal” after this major life event, it wouldn’t work.

So how can you create normalcy after dramatic changes in your life? I have 7 steps to help you find your new sense of normal and stability.

  1. Discover how to feel much better.
    How you feel is related to the way you think about life. If you decide that you want to feel better, you set yourself on a path to feel better.
  1. Begin writing in a daily journal.
    Journal Prompt: What would it take right now to make me feel better? Then, ask, “How can I get there?”
  1. Open the doorway to experience complete healing.
    Allow the idea to form that you can heal completely from your experience. You don’t have to see yourself as “damaged goods”. I know that when I lost my brother at a young age, I thought that I would be damaged forever. When I first began to allow the possibility that I could be happy and feel joy, I experienced a turning point and headed back to a feeling of wholeness. When my heart failed last summer, I was frustrated thinking that I had a “bad heart”. I knew on a soul level, my heart was good and pure… and it felt terrible to think otherwise. When I started appreciating my heart for supporting me to this point in life, my attitude change. I was thanking my heart every day for its hard work. Eventually, my heart responded to this appreciation and I experienced a spontaneous healing.
  1. Greatly improve the quality of your life right now.
    Work on your bucket list now Why wait? If you want to improve your golf game, do it now. If you want to see more concerts, do it now. If you want to spend more time with people you love, do it now.
  1. Create peace of mind.
    Let go of needing to fight against something. Create acceptance and that is the beginning of positive change. When you accept what is going on and get calm, you have a positive starting point for change. Peace of mind enables clear thought and options that you may not see when you are in a frenzy or fury over something you perceive as unfair. Rather than think about what you are against, think about what you are for.
  1. Create focused thinking.
    It’s difficult to have focused thinking when you have a lot going on. Thoughts get scattered and cloudy. Focus your mind with deep breathing exercises and journal exercises. Reduce noise, so you can clearly see options and weigh decisions. Journal Prompts: What are my goals? What help do I need? What do I need to learn?  What action steps do I want to take?
  1. Take charge of a full-on blitz for your mind, body, and spirit.
    When you care for your mind, body, and spirit; you create a holistic approach for creating your “new normal”.  Cultivate thoughts that work for you. Take care of your body combining the best of modern medicine and alternative approaches that make sense for you and move your body in a way that is fun and inspiring. Meditate and pray on a daily basis to stay connected to your spirituality.

When you practice these 7 steps, you will find your “new normal”.  You may be surprised to see that you are better than ever, living a purposeful and fulfilling life no matter what is going on around you.

Business and Life Strategist, known for inspiring massive action and being a catalyst for personal and business growth, joy, and profits in a way that is fun, relaxing, and fulfilling, Sheri Kaye Hoff inspires people to the do work they love and make money. She is a near death survivor and thriver. Learn more about Sheri


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Will you be in the same place as you are five years from now? Are you happy and enjoying your life? Focus on what you desire as if it is yours now. Visualize your success and have positive thoughts.

Experiencing challenges teaches you many invaluable lessons.   The number of times you succeed is in direct proportion to the number of times you fail and keep trying. Don’t give up.  Doubts and fears might pop up however they are temporary obstacles.

Be persistent. Focus on one step at a time to reach your goal. You will have a great feeling when you successfully meet the challenge. All great achievements require time, endurance, and a push to get through to move towards your goals.

Surround yourself with others who support you and are positive and avoid the people who give off negative energy or put you down. Openly share your talents with others.

You don’t need to know all your answers in advance.  Have a clear idea of the goal you desire to reach. Take one step at a time and be patient with yourself. Once you muster up the courage to begin, you’ll find the courage to succeed.  If you can believe it you can achieve it.

Share your own formula for creative success.

Bonnie Gortler

The Inspired Wealth & Well-Being Coach

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Take the time to think about what you could achieve today if you decided to be brave. These are just a few questions to ponder. What has been burning inside of you just waiting to come out? Ask yourself what is holding you back from going after your dreams?  Decide you are going to take a few minutes  now to do one important goal on your list that you have been avoiding. Choose something that would be fun and you love.

YOU can do anything you set your mind to.  Even if you have feel some fear, the courage is within you. Decide to make it a point every day to take one action step  to what your heart desires.  Never give up on your dreams! Believe in You… I certainly do!

Create an excellent week ~Bonnie

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It’s time to visualize your success, have positive thoughts and be who you desire to be.  Have you asked the question where will you be five years from now? Please don’t ever let anybody tell you that YOU can’t do something. You can do anything you set your mind to. A great reminder to myself too!

Realize failure is part of success and understand mistakes will happen. To be a winner you don’t want to be overly scared to lose. This is a hard lesson to have to learn and I’m still grasping this concept as well. Decide now YOU will feel great when you go out of your comfort zone. Be gentle with yourself. Know you will rise to the occasion and successfully meet the challenge. Go for it, and act on your dreams! Keep your dreams alive and dream big.

Take a small step forward each day and share your wisdom with others. Be kind to yourself.  You don’t need to know all your answers in advance. Focus on what you desire just as if it’s yours NOW! Be YOU!  Be the best and don’t settle for less.

Begin today by surrounding yourself with others who support you and are positive and avoid the people who give off negative energy and put you down.

Once you find the courage to begin, you’ll find the courage to succeed.  If you do happen to fail, pick yourself up and keep trying. Choose the path to move forward, no matter what other people think. What are your thinking about? Don’t quit. Choose to persevere! 

Listen to your heart. YOU ARE A TRUE SUCCESS!


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Bonnie Financial from KathyAre you at peace or frustrated when you think about your day–to-day finances? Have you sat quietly and thought about how to set real change in motion when it comes to your wealth? Decide now that you will create change and make your finances a priority. Be a self-starter towards achieving your financial goals. Don’t wait for someone else, or say you will begin tomorrow. Make proper money management a top priority and watch how the positive results impact your bottom line.

To begin you must right write down your three biggest challenges in terms of your finances. Ask yourself why do you think they are not working? What changes can you make right now and do differently to improve your future earnings or place you in a better position for financial independence?  How can you change your mindset in order to make the needed changes that will keep you stress and worry free?

Changing your habits could involve forgoing some activity or habit that is costing you money but you keep doing even though there is no real benefit or satisfaction. It can anything but for now focus on finding a routine that you do and could just as easily do without. Yes, it’s possible for you to learn a new wealth building attitude, one that suits your needs, one that you will commit to, and one that pays out huge rewards by giving you a feeling of satisfaction and happiness.

You can also start by adjusting the thought patterns and by reevaluating the behaviors surrounding your relationship with money. If all your thoughts are negative, you’ll quickly discover that real change will be more of a challenge and improvement will escape your grasp every time. The only way to move into true prosperity is by thinking good thoughts followed with strategic action because both of these activities will give you a different perspective and will also become the foundation of belief so you understand in your heart that it’s possible for you to have the life you’ve always dreamed about.

“A positive mind finds a way it can be done;
a negative mind looks for all the ways it can’t be done”- Napoleon Hill

It also helps if you begin with the habit of incorporating a new daily behavior that will allow the positive thoughts to become automatic. By consciously forging a new healthy mindset you will develop rituals that will allow you to reach your goals. Decide now to create a plan of action that consists of action steps that move you closer to successfully impacting your finances. It’s never too late to start. Don’t put off your financial well-being. Your future self is depending on you!

Think about one realistic financial goal that is specific and measurable, and then write it down.  All habits can be changed. You can tweak as needed but you must set them in motion by taking action. Habits are learned responses. Once you make a new habit part of a daily routine, they become fully ingrained in what you do and will quickly begin to feel very natural to you. Adopting new ways of change adds to your wealth and will help you live the lifestyle you desire. You can use the additional tips below to help you as well.

Create A Positive Impact On Your Finances:

  • Money July blogDo less, not more. Remove one item that you do often and are not getting the results you desire. Do more of what is giving you the results that you desire.
  • Adopt a positive money mindset, that has an optimistic outlook that gives you the feeling of security and freedom of choice.
  • Develop rituals, routines that keep growing your knowledge and understanding. Do what you love to do, don’t procrastinate, instead take action and don’t wait until everything is perfect. (I’m still learning this principle)
  • Compose a written plan with your individual financial goals. Set goals for 3 months, 6 months, and a year. Pick one to start working on and make it a priority each day.
  • Start a ritual of tracking your finances each day. Watch where you are spending your money each month. When you are comfortable track your spending differentiating between “needs” and “wants” and then create a plan that prioritizes spending within your means.
  • If you need some assistance, find someone who can support and guide you that will keep you accountable to reach your goals.

Here is a worksheet to help you start to focus and have a simple shift when it comes to money.

What SIMPLE changes can you do right now to save?




What are your three MOST SIGNIFICANT financial goals?




What are 3 FINANCIAL GOALS you would like to ACHIEVE in the next 6 months?




If you could make any SIGNIFICANT changes in your finances TODAY to save money for your future, what would they be?




Set in motion your journey to wealth!

Start now and create your own simple money rituals that will have a positive impact on your finances.

I invite you to send an email and share your financial goal setting tips or your money mind shifts experiences to or use the comments box below.

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Are you a new home buyer? The home buying process can be a bit complicated; a Realtor like me can assist you in making the process smooth and enjoyable. In this article I will go over the basic steps in the home purchase process. You can easily write individual articles about each step in the process, so this is that you have a basic understanding of what goes on each step of the way.

It all begins with the selection of a Real Estate salesperson. You should select someone who will listen to your wants, be attentive to the things that are important to you, and most importantly someone you feel you can have a good working relationship with. The next step in the process is getting a preapproval from a Mortgage lender (your broker should be able to recommend good people for you to work with all throughout the process) Most buyers will not entertain offers unless they know the bank will in all likelihood give you a mortgage, or you are going to pay cash and supply proof of funds. It is now time for that realtor to help find you that home you love. You will then make an offer and he or she will negotiate an accepted offer.

Once those negotiations are complete a vital part of the process is the home inspection. This can be done by either building inspectors or engineers. Most inspectors are either certified to do, or work with termite inspectors who will check for termites or termite damage. Once the inspection report is reviewed by you and your attorney it is time for the formal contract. You should have an attorney selected, his name number and email available any time prior to the inspection.

It is now time for the bank to do their work if you are getting a mortgage. They will need a copy of the contract signed by both parties. They will then order an appraisal making sure the value of the property is in line with the money they are lending you.  The bank and your attorney will now check for clear title of the property, check the survey and make sure there are no outstanding liens against the property. Once all your personal information is verified the bank will issue a commitment letter. This process usually takes 30-60 days.

It is now time for your final walkthrough before closing. This is typically done the day of or the day before closing. You will use this time to insure that things are still in the same condition as they were in when you negotiated the purchase. If you were to find things in disrepair (different condition than when the purchase was made) your attorney will hold money in escrow so you can have them fixed or an amount will be agreed upon prior to closing. It is now time for the formal closing. This usually will take place at the bank attorney’s office.

Congratulations you are now a homeowner. Enjoy your new home!

Neil Gortler is a licensed real estate salesperson with Douglas Elliman real Estate. He has advanced certifications as a SRES (Senior Real Estate Specialist) and CBR (Certified Buyers Representative). Contact Neil for all of your Real Estate needs.

Neil Gortler

Neil Gortler, CBR
Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

Phone: 516.849.5895


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Anything is possible; all you have to do is be consistent, give 100% and BELIEVE!  Don’t let excuses run your life. Live life to the fullest and dare to Dream Big!  Learn, practice and never give up.

Commit to your vision and DREAM, DREAM, DREAM.

Nothing is impossible when you set your mind to it!  Where there is a will there is a way and it is up to you to follow your dreams and make them your reality. It is possible when you decide that your dreams are really worth pursuing.

You really do have the power within YOU.

Enjoy this inspirational video

Wishing you health, wealth and happiness ~Bonnie

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Did you get caught in the 2008 stock market meltdown? I have friends and family who have suffered losses that have been close to almost impossible to recoup. Look around and you will discover countless Americans finding it difficult to regroup after such a devastating loss and now realize that there just may not be enough income for retirement and a result are having, like many, to delay their retirement because the numbers don’t support their planned early to mid 60’s retirement plan.

You may be too young now, but I bet you know someone who is living this very scenario and are now finding that working hard, saving and planning just wasn’t enough. This dose of reality can be devistating if this is you or someone you love but did you know that working longer has a variety of benefits as well? All it takes is making a lifestyle change now and putting a plan in place that will pay dividends moving forward.  With the tips I share below you feel confident that you have full control in navigating the waters ahead while keeping your dreams and lifestyle afloat through the calm or rough seas.

5 Good Reasons to Delay Your Retirement:

More time to save for your future.  The years before you retire can be some of the best years to save because you’ll earn more than you did earlier in your career.  Once children become financially independent, parent’s expenses are less and are in position to increase their retirement savings.

Fewer retirement years to fund your investment If you monitor your health and well being you will live longer and can expect to have 20 or even 30 years in retirement. If you put off retirement there will be fewer years without income from work so you will not have to withdraw money. It is a good idea if you look for a part-time job that you are passionate about in retirement that can allow you to draw down your savings at a slower rate

Delay taxes as long as you can.  Withdrawals from traditional 401(k)s generally become required after age 70½.  For more details visit @

Receive Higher Social Security checks. After you apply for Social Security, you will receive a monthly check for the rest of your life.  The size of that check is depends on how much you’ve paid into the system and when you start taking it. The longer you are able to wait, the higher your monthly benefits will be. Your Social Security payments that you are entitled to will increase for each year you delay signing up between ages 62 and 70. If you would like more information here is a guide from AARP that can help you see why most people should wait as long as possible to claim Social Security and some people should claim earlier. Calculate your retirement benefit here.

Health Benefits. Workers are not able to sign up for Medicare until age 65. Finding individual health-insurance coverage that is affordable if you qualify is quite a challenge. It can be extremely difficult for people who lose group coverage that was provided by an employer. Keeping your job or having a part-time job with benefits is the most cost-effective way to find health insurance before age 65.

Addtional thoughts:

  • feelings of peaceYou literally have more money in your pocket. This is because you need less money for current expenses compared to when you were supporting your children or paying off your house.
  • No need to work so hard any more. If you can find a part-time job, three days a week or six months a year  doing something completely different you can be happier. If you put in 20 hours per week, delaying retirement doesn’t sound so bad.
  • More time for you. Be active, learn and do new things.  Be bold, brave and daring while having fun and enjoying the steps and stages experienced during this phase in life. It will help you feel young and reborn.
  • Keep yourself moving and your mind in tip top shape. Commit to work work only a few days a week to stimulate your mind and empowered in doing what your heart is calling you do. If possible, it is ideal that your new vocation be more than the paycheck. It should be something you have longed to do and learn more about. When this is the case money becomes secondary.
  • Use your new found freedom to give something back. If you would rather not work at a job then use your wisdom, talent and skills helping others grow and develop into their own full potential. You’ve spent years honing you craft. Perhaps it’s time to leave a life legacy for your children to pass on to the next generation through leading by example. This will pay higher dividend than any money investment.

Hopefully you’re ready to give some thought to the idea of delaying your own retirement. There are so many good reasons to still be in the game. Plan now to work in what you love until you can work no more. It will keep you engaged, young and vibrant. For now, feel free to download a guide to health wellness which was written to help you live a longer life, find balance and live life to the fullest. Be inspired and motivated to delay your retirement. You will find that age is only a number and that your own life will fulfill you like never before.

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Bonnie Gortler (@optiongirl) is a successful stock market guru who is passionate about teaching others about social media, weight loss and wealth. Over her 30-year corporate career, she has been instrumental in managing multi-million dollar client portfolios within a top rated investment firm. Bonnie is a uniquely multi-talented woman who believes that honesty, loyalty and perseverance are the keys to success. You will constantly find her displaying these beliefs due to her winning spirit and ‘You Can Do It’ attitude. Bonnie is a huge sports fan that has successfully lost over 70 pounds by applying the many lessons learned through her ongoing commitment toward personal growth and development while continually encouraging others to reach their goals & dreams. It is within her latest book project, “Journey to Wealth”, where Bonnie has made it her mission to help everyone learn the steps needed to gain sustainable wealth and personal prosperity. Order your copy of ”Journey to Wealth” today!

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You can do anything you put your mind to. Look around. Entrepreneurs are creative and can empower you to do anything. You might have some turbulence along the way but from this you will create opportunities and achieve success beyond your dreams! ~Bonnie

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