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When you experience big changes in your life, it’s tempting to want things to go back to “normal”.  Your big change could involve your personal life, your health, your career, and/or your business. But what if your normal is a “new normal”. Your new normal could be even better than your old normal and include changes that prevent you from ever going back to your old normal. Some things that we experience in life change us so profoundly that there is no going back. And that’s a good thing. After I got so sick in the summer of 2015 and came so close to death, people asked my son, Nick, “How is your mom doing?” His answer was, “She is better than normal.” I changed profoundly from going over to the other side and coming back into my body. If I had set my eyes on returning to my old “normal” after this major life event, it wouldn’t work.

So how can you create normalcy after dramatic changes in your life? I have 7 steps to help you find your new sense of normal and stability.

  1. Discover how to feel much better.
    How you feel is related to the way you think about life. If you decide that you want to feel better, you set yourself on a path to feel better.
  1. Begin writing in a daily journal.
    Journal Prompt: What would it take right now to make me feel better? Then, ask, “How can I get there?”
  1. Open the doorway to experience complete healing.
    Allow the idea to form that you can heal completely from your experience. You don’t have to see yourself as “damaged goods”. I know that when I lost my brother at a young age, I thought that I would be damaged forever. When I first began to allow the possibility that I could be happy and feel joy, I experienced a turning point and headed back to a feeling of wholeness. When my heart failed last summer, I was frustrated thinking that I had a “bad heart”. I knew on a soul level, my heart was good and pure… and it felt terrible to think otherwise. When I started appreciating my heart for supporting me to this point in life, my attitude change. I was thanking my heart every day for its hard work. Eventually, my heart responded to this appreciation and I experienced a spontaneous healing.
  1. Greatly improve the quality of your life right now.
    Work on your bucket list now Why wait? If you want to improve your golf game, do it now. If you want to see more concerts, do it now. If you want to spend more time with people you love, do it now.
  1. Create peace of mind.
    Let go of needing to fight against something. Create acceptance and that is the beginning of positive change. When you accept what is going on and get calm, you have a positive starting point for change. Peace of mind enables clear thought and options that you may not see when you are in a frenzy or fury over something you perceive as unfair. Rather than think about what you are against, think about what you are for.
  1. Create focused thinking.
    It’s difficult to have focused thinking when you have a lot going on. Thoughts get scattered and cloudy. Focus your mind with deep breathing exercises and journal exercises. Reduce noise, so you can clearly see options and weigh decisions. Journal Prompts: What are my goals? What help do I need? What do I need to learn?  What action steps do I want to take?
  1. Take charge of a full-on blitz for your mind, body, and spirit.
    When you care for your mind, body, and spirit; you create a holistic approach for creating your “new normal”.  Cultivate thoughts that work for you. Take care of your body combining the best of modern medicine and alternative approaches that make sense for you and move your body in a way that is fun and inspiring. Meditate and pray on a daily basis to stay connected to your spirituality.

When you practice these 7 steps, you will find your “new normal”.  You may be surprised to see that you are better than ever, living a purposeful and fulfilling life no matter what is going on around you.

Business and Life Strategist, known for inspiring massive action and being a catalyst for personal and business growth, joy, and profits in a way that is fun, relaxing, and fulfilling, Sheri Kaye Hoff inspires people to the do work they love and make money. She is a near death survivor and thriver. Learn more about Sheri


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I like to have a good clear out and get rid of clutter on a regular basis; now, if truth be told some people will never have to do this because they never accumulate enough clutter in the first place. They move through life smoothly and efficiently, shedding the unnecessary as they go. But for me and a lot of women I know, there’s some clutter still left to clear.clear-clutter-vivenne

Recently I had the bitter sweet experience of clearing out all the rest of my husband’s personal effects at the end of our nine year relationship. It was sad and I cried but I also felt lighter and freer to reclaim my space and my life again – not to mention the luxury of having a whole load of new cupboards and drawers available for storage! As the Single Mum’s Survival Guide (and a single mum myself) I know that many of you may have the physical effects of your old relationship – photos, valentines cards, mementoes of your time together.  Don’t be too hasty to purge here if you have children together because there might be things like photos that your child may really appreciate having in the future- after all, this is documentation of family history. Perhaps they could live in the attic -out of sight- until your child might want to look through them, by which time they might not seem so painful to you to behold. Then there’ll be the mental and emotional clutter – the pain, the hurt, the anger and the regrets. Isn’t it time you had a clear out, to make room for a happy new life?

It may be that your clutter is not emotional in that sense. It could be papers as yet unfiled, magazines as yet unread or bills as yet unpaid. Chances are, though, that every time you look at your clutter, procrastinate about tidying it up or attempt to find something in the piles (or even try to ignore it altogether), it will be adding guilt and draining energy and productivity from your day.

Sometimes we need help clearing out our clutter and that means hiring a coach or other professional to help us to get started and ensure that it is a positive and useful experience. I’d like you to have the opportunity to clear out your clutter now. Haven’t you waited long enough?

Vivienne Smith, Coach and author of The Single Mum’s Survival Guide


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As a Christian in the business world, are you known as a woman of integrity? In today’s world, the pressure to remain faithful to moral principles and professional standards are tougher than ever. Recently, several Christian women have contacted me concerning workplace ethics. The complaints were not about salaries, sexual harassment or promotion, but relationships. They were being challenged by bosses and co-workers to take short cuts, enter into unethical business practices, engage in gossip, or do “whatever it takes” to succeed. Each woman’s deepest desire was to remain faithful to her character, but each admitted it was difficult to know what to do and say in certain situations. Each knew her work ethic should reflect God’s character and they desired to walk as women of integrity!

Do you find yourself in a similar situation? Do you have a boss that treats you with disrespect? Are you asked to participate in the latest gossip and news? Ignore or cover up mistakes?  Are others hostile toward you because you are a Christian? Keeping a high standard in the midst of office dynamics can be challenging. Initiating a dialogue does not always resolve the situation, and can sometimes make matters worse. Whenever people work together, there will be challenges.Kathy Women of Integrity

As we mature, we realize we cannot change people’s ways and attitudes. We can only control our reaction to them.  In such moments, we need to ask, “How do I interact with individuals in my workplace?” Would my co-workers say my words and actions reflect a Christian life? Or do they see me reacting in ways that make them question my character? Ponder the questions below regarding your workplace relationships. Your answers just might change the way you react in the next situation at your workplace.

  • Am I a woman of my word?
  • Am I honest in dealing with others?
  • Do I treat others with respect? Or do I have a judgmental attitude?
  • Am I reliable or do I drop the ball when asked to do a project?
  • Do I engage in gossip/slander? Or do I refuse?
  • Do I use manipulation as a way to get promoted or even recognized by my peers?
  • Is “thank you” part of my vocabulary?
  • Do I encourage people through my words or actions?
  • Do I find ways to honor those around me? Or do I seek praise?
  • Do I extend grace to others when they do not deserve it?

As you check your motives and responses, you’ll find your days becoming more peaceful even though life at work still presents conflicts and surprises. Keeping strong moral principles and standards is not a curse. If anything, it will speak volumes to those around you. As you walk in God’s love and treat others with His respect, everyone will benefit from the life of a woman who walks in integrity!

Kathy_Cobb_GWG_Founder (1)Kathy Cobb / – is the founder of GWG – Gabbin’ With The Girls, an organization connecting women through the gift of friendship and faith, speaker and writer.  To Sign Up for our FREE MEMBERSHIP and to learn go to or contact

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Are you a new home buyer? The home buying process can be a bit complicated; a Realtor like me can assist you in making the process smooth and enjoyable. In this article I will go over the basic steps in the home purchase process. You can easily write individual articles about each step in the process, so this is that you have a basic understanding of what goes on each step of the way.

It all begins with the selection of a Real Estate salesperson. You should select someone who will listen to your wants, be attentive to the things that are important to you, and most importantly someone you feel you can have a good working relationship with. The next step in the process is getting a preapproval from a Mortgage lender (your broker should be able to recommend good people for you to work with all throughout the process) Most buyers will not entertain offers unless they know the bank will in all likelihood give you a mortgage, or you are going to pay cash and supply proof of funds. It is now time for that realtor to help find you that home you love. You will then make an offer and he or she will negotiate an accepted offer.

Once those negotiations are complete a vital part of the process is the home inspection. This can be done by either building inspectors or engineers. Most inspectors are either certified to do, or work with termite inspectors who will check for termites or termite damage. Once the inspection report is reviewed by you and your attorney it is time for the formal contract. You should have an attorney selected, his name number and email available any time prior to the inspection.

It is now time for the bank to do their work if you are getting a mortgage. They will need a copy of the contract signed by both parties. They will then order an appraisal making sure the value of the property is in line with the money they are lending you.  The bank and your attorney will now check for clear title of the property, check the survey and make sure there are no outstanding liens against the property. Once all your personal information is verified the bank will issue a commitment letter. This process usually takes 30-60 days.

It is now time for your final walkthrough before closing. This is typically done the day of or the day before closing. You will use this time to insure that things are still in the same condition as they were in when you negotiated the purchase. If you were to find things in disrepair (different condition than when the purchase was made) your attorney will hold money in escrow so you can have them fixed or an amount will be agreed upon prior to closing. It is now time for the formal closing. This usually will take place at the bank attorney’s office.

Congratulations you are now a homeowner. Enjoy your new home!

Neil Gortler is a licensed real estate salesperson with Douglas Elliman real Estate. He has advanced certifications as a SRES (Senior Real Estate Specialist) and CBR (Certified Buyers Representative). Contact Neil for all of your Real Estate needs.

Neil Gortler

Neil Gortler, CBR
Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

Phone: 516.849.5895


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Featured Guest Post by Dorothy  B. Kato

Below are 10 of the most well-known beliefs and facts that you need to know.

Misconception 1: Overeating Sugar Causes Diabetes

So how exactly does diabetes happen? The reasons are certainly not totally understood. Precisely what is known is that simply overeating sugar isn’t likely to cause diabetes. Instead, diabetes begins when something disrupts your own body’s capability to turn foods into energy.

To comprehend what goes on when you’ve got diabetes, keep these things in your mind: Your system reduces most of what food you’re eating into glucose, a form of sugar necessary to power your cells. A hormone called insulin is created inside the pancreas. Insulin helps cells in your body use glucose for fuel.

Listed here are the commonest forms of diabetes and what researchers know about:

  * Type 1 diabetes takes place when the pancreas cannot make insulin.

  * Diabetes type 2 takes place when the pancreas will not make enough insulin, the insulin can not   work properly, or both.

  * Gestational diabetes occurs in pregnancy in certain women.

Misconception 2: You can find A lot of Rules inside a Diabetes Diet

For those who have diabetes, you will have to plan your diet. Though the general principal is not hard: Following a “diabetes diet” means choosing food that can work with your activities and any medications to help keep your blood glucose levels as near to normalcy as it can be.

Misconception 3: Carbohydrates Could be unhealthy for Diabetes

Actually, carbohydrates are great for diabetes. They make up the foundation of a normal diabetes diet.

Carbohydrates possess the greatest impact on blood sugar, which explains why you are required to watch the amount of carbohydrates you take in when following a diabetes diet.

Misconception 4: Protein is preferable to Carbohydrates for Diabetes

The major problem is the fact that many foods abundant in protein, including meat, are often full of fats. Overeating such fats increases your risk of heart problems. In the diabetes diet, protein should account for about 15% to 20% of the total calories you take in every day.

Misconception 5: It is possible to Adjust Your Diabetes Drugs to “Cover” Anything you Eat

If you utilize insulin for your diabetes, you might learn to adjust the total amount and type you take to check the quantity of what you eat. But this does not mean you can eat just as much as you would like, then just use more drugs to stabilize your blood glucose levels level.

Misconception 6: You will need to Quit Your preferred Foods

There’s no reason to quit your chosen foods on the diabetes diet.

Misconception 7: You will need to Quit Desserts when you have Diabetes

Far from the truth! You’ll be able to develop many approaches for including desserts in the diabetes diet.

For example:

 * Use sugar substitutes in desserts.

 * Scale back on the quantity of dessert. As an example, as an alternative to two scoops of soft ice cream, have one. Or share a dessert with a friend.

Misconception 8: Low calorie sweeteners Are Dangerous for those who have Diabetes

Sugar substitutes tend to be sweeter compared to equivalent volume of sugar, therefore it takes a smaller amount of them to have the same sweetness present in sugar. This will lead to eating fewer calories than when you use sugar.

Misconception 9: You have to Eat Special Diabetic Meals

The main difference from a diabetes diet as well as your family’s “normal” weight loss program is this: For those who have diabetes, you should monitor whatever you eat a little more closely. Including the total of calories you take in and the amounts and kinds of carbohydrates, fats, and protein you take in.

Misconception 10: Diet Foods Are the most useful Options for Diabetes

Just because a meal is defined as a “diet” food does not always mean it’s a better option for those who have diabetes. In reality, “diet” foods might be expensive and no better than foods found in the “regular” areas of the supermarket, or foods you prepare yourself.

And You? Still looking over this article? Move out and enjoy your daily diet!

About the author: D. B. Kato creates for the Diabetic Menu Blog (a diabetic cooking blog & her personal hobby) tips & tricks to help individuals prevent and manage diabetes while helping to increase comprehension on healthy eating.


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Tax planning is important. There is still time to take care of your finances in 2014 while you are enjoying the holidays. Today I share with you insight from Marvin Appel CEO of Signalert Asset Management that could potentially reduce your tax bills.

Here Are Some Steps You Should Consider:

• If you are older than 70 1/2 then you are required to take distributions from traditional IRAs (including rollovers) and other retirement plans. Federal regulations determine the minimum amount you must take out in total, although you do not necessarily need to take a distribution from each IRA account. This must be done before December 31, 2014. You are not required to take a distribution from a Roth IRA regardless of your age, except for Roth IRA accounts you inherited. If you prefer, we can calculate for you the amount you are required to take from your IRAs.

• Think about tax planning with your investments. In particular, before selling an investment now, compare the tax benefits and the potential risks of holding into 2015.

• Make gifts to children and grandchildren to reduce estate taxes. You can give each loved one $14,000 in 2014 without the obligation to file a gift tax return, reducing the ultimate burden of estate taxes. (Federal estate taxes apply only to balances over $5.34 million for each spouse, but some states like New York have lower thresholds).

• Consider timing charitable contributions for your best advantage: If you think your tax bracket will be higher in 2015 then hold off until January. Conversely, if you think your tax rate will be higher in 2014 then you should advance scheduled 2015 contributions to this year.

• Pay your estimated state income taxes or any local taxes (if you owe any) before December 31 in order to get the deduction on your 2014 return.

• Convert your traditional IRAs into Roth IRAs if you are in a lower tax bracket this year than you expect to be in the future, if you don’t need IRA distributions to meet living expenses, and if you have extra cash with which to pay the resulting tax bill.

• Take the time today to review your financial plan and see if you can take advantage of a tax benefit before the end of the year.

 If you need some assistance or have any questions call Bonnie at 516-829-6444 or E mail me at

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Although the information is made with a sincere effort for accuracy, it is not guaranteed either in any form that the above information is a statement of fact, of opinion, or the result of following any of the recommendations made herein. Readers are encouraged to meet with their own advisors to consider the suitability of investments discussed above for their own particular situations and for determination of their own risk levels.

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Guest post by Neil Gortler

When interviewing prospective agents to sell your home it’s a good idea to listen carefully for the ones who offer professional photography. Many agents and agencies will post pictures on the internet, and though these images may serve a purpose, less than professional pictures are not the best way to showcase your home. You need the expertise of a trusted professional who can bring your home to life by presenting your space in the best light possible. The ability to do so only comes with talent and real estate industry experience so it’s just as important for your realtor to have a photographer who has a proven track record.

As an agent I understand thaWhy Professional photography matters when selling your home_2t today most people use the internet to search for homes. As many as 40% of home buyers find their home online and this is exactly why you must have great pictures. The competition is fierce and it is to your advantage to make an impact with images that really bring out the best features in your home. Doing so may be the only opportunity you get to win that first impression with a perspective buyer. A picture is worth 1000 words; and in this case awesome pictures can mean buyers at your door. Don’t settle for photographs of your home taken with phones or tablets. You need images that will stand out from what’s already out there and will help in bring in the offers. You must ask for and expect high quality high-resolution professional photographs that provide the best representation of what is probably your most valuable possession… your home.

Selling your home is a process that doesn’t have to be hard.  Make a  commitment to get the help you need from an expert.

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NG_open-houseWhen preparing to sell your home simple steps may increase the perceived value of your home. A clean and organized home always shows best. You want to ensure that your home looks it best so you are able to remove all barriers to you receiving the asking price you’ve established. Below are a few hints to help you make an impression that will lead to a smooth sale.

First you need to…

Clear counter tops and give your kitchen a nice sleek look. Make sure to remove piles of mail, paper towels, dish racks and anything else that creates clutter. Do not leave any undone dishes in the sink.

Remember to make all the beds. Organize closets to give them a larger appearance. Put away your children’s toys and games. Keep the floor space clear.

Make sure and vacuum and/or shampoo carpets.

Take the time to make small repairs. These small repairs mean increased dollars and time for the buyer. Do the work first to remove any question that your home is less than worthy of the sale price.

Check to make sure windows are clean, faucets, door handles, and metals around the house are shinny.

Do keep your lawn looking great and make sure the landscaping is well manicured. The grass should be cut, bushes trimmed and weeds pulled. Impressions begin forming when people see the outside of your home. Fresh flowers around the home give off a wonderful fragrance, and are very inviting.

As a final touch consider leaving cookies or chocolates in a bowl at the kitchen table for the visitors, making them feel welcome.

Appearance sells and that first impression count. The more comfortable a prospective buyer feels in your home the more likely he will be able to see himself living there. Once the realtor does his part and gets the customer to your home, make sure you do your part and make sure your home is ready to show.

Neil GortlerNeil Gortler, CBR
Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

Contact Neil for all of your Real Estate needs:


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I would like to introduce my featured guest blogger, Dr. Sheri Kaye Hoff, Your Inspired Action Success Coach as one of my Launch Partners for “Journey to Wealth.” Sheri believes “There is no time better than now to “Be Bold. Be an achiever. Own your goals. Live each day with more peace, passion, energy, and joy. And Do and be what it is that you were meant to do and be.”  I like Sheri’s refreshing coaching style, inspiring words of wisdom, and how she shares her generous heart which has amplified my growth both personally and professionally. Raise your energy vibration, learn new strategies that will help you grow as a person, and at the same time find more joy, peace, passion and zest in life! Start now to become the person that is more bold, brave, and daring. Be the Inspiration, and make a difference in your life, as well as others.  Don’t miss out the opportunity to read one of Sheri’s four books including ‘Be the Inspiration’, which inspired me to create change and do things I never imagined. Now take a moment and enjoy Sheri’s blog post – 7 Keys to Beating Overwhelm and visit her online at  for more information.

Overwhelm hits us when we have a lot going on and/or are in the midst of change.  The problem with feeling overwhelmed is that the mind spins and this can have a paralyzing and severely demoralizing effect. It feels really bad to spend time in this emotional place. You might even feel trapped.  I have been thinking about this concept a lot since I recently had two daughters leave home and go out on their own and at the same time two grown children move back in the house unexpectedly. I find myself feeling a mix of emotions. This gave me the opportunity to practice the concepts that I use with my clients.
Here are 7 ways you can handle overwhelm and really do what you want to be doing on a daily basis. And I have found myself using these same concepts to get through my recent transitions.
1. Let go. Stop trying to control the world.  We begin a project with an idea of what will happen, and when we get surprised; there is that inclination to feel frustrated. “Hey, this isn’t fair. This isn’t what I planned.” Sound familiar? Let go of needing to control the situation. Try it- feel the release as you let go.
2. Accept what is.  Whatever is going on- accept it rather than try to fight it. When you accept what is- then you are free to act. You have the energy to take action. You haven’t used up all of your energy trying to fight and force things into place.
3. Stop beating yourself up. Release blame. It does not help you to go over and over what you think you should have done or said. Stop blaming other people too.  You don’t need to make yourself or other people “wrong” in order to deal with your life in the moment.
4. Do what works. Yes, this is the key. If you know that a long walk calms you down, do that. If you know that balancing your check book makes you feel more in control- do that. If you know that writing in your journal gives you clarity,  do that.
5. Do what you want to do and delegate the rest.  If you think you “should” be doing something but it feels forced or you don’t like it- don’t do it. For example, in my own situation regarding moving people in and moving people out- I realized that adults are empowered to plan their own moves. My daughters’ planned and implemented everything (I was on hand to help- but I released my title- as Master of the Universe).  On the other hand, if taking an action feels good and empowering, by all means, take action. Use this concept when dealing with long to-do lists.
6. Release worry and guilt. Worry and guilt are burdensome emotions. Love yourself and others without worry and guilt attached. A simple exercise is to place your hand over your heart and concentrate on the feeling of love. Hold this position for a few minutes.
7. Take care of your health. Eat well, sleep well, move your body, take your vitamins, manage your stress, and pay attention to your needs.


Whenever you feel overwhelmed and are trying to decide what to do- ask yourself- “What is most important? What is my legacy? Bottom line- do what works for you and what you feel good about doing. Trust your inner guidance. Busy is good and healthy- overwhelm is not.


I invite you to check out my Success Club for ongoing support for your goals.  Click Here


What do you do to manage overwhelm?


Dr. Sheri Kaye Hoff

Your Inspired Action Success Coach


Dr. Sheri Kaye Hoff, PhD. The Inspired Action Success Coach.  Sheri is a Life Coach, Executive Coach, and Small Biz Coach.  She is a bestselling transformational author who brings wisdom from her over 20 year career in coaching, mentoring, consulting, and training and development to you. The essence of her coaching approach is transformational, intuitive, spiritual, inspirational, energy boosting, and action oriented. She teaches, collaborates, mentors, and inspires people to ignite inspiration, creativity, happiness, and success every day in business and in life. Sheri is known for her innovative methods for skyrocketing success, profits and creating energetic alignment between your authentic self and your business for more peace, passion, energy and joy. She is a leadership expert, international speaker, and founder of Your Path to Success Enterprises. She holds a PhD, a Master’s degree in Organizational Management, and two bachelor degrees as well as multiple coaching certifications including business, spirituality, life, executive, and group coaching. 

To discover how to achieve your financial dreams click here

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Bonnie Gortler (@optiongirl) is a successful stock market guru who is passionate about teaching others about social media, weight loss and wealth. Over her 30-year corporate career, she has been instrumental in managing multi-million dollar client portfolios within a top rated investment firm. Bonnie is a uniquely multi-talented woman who believes that honesty, loyalty and perseverance are the keys to success. You will constantly find her displaying these beliefs due to her winning spirit and ‘You Can Do It’ attitude. Bonnie is a huge sports fan that has successfully lost over 70 pounds by applying the many lessons learned through her ongoing commitment toward personal growth and development while continually encouraging others to reach their goals & dreams. It is within her latest book project, “Journey to Wealth”, where Bonnie has made it her mission to help everyone learn the steps needed to gain sustainable wealth and personal prosperity. Order your copy of ”Journey to Wealth” today!

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I would like to introduce my guest blogger Steve Levy, one of my Launch Partners for “Journey to Wealth.” Steve is a friend who is innovative, trustworthy a computer expert, who introduced me to “in person networking” and connecting others. Steve is, the CEO of Pinpoint Computer Services, which supports small business and home office computers. Steve’s company motto is “We Get Your Computers Running Right”. Steve loves to help people, empower others with his upbeat attitude and is a laughter yoga leader. Save some time in your day by implementing Steve’s blog post GET HUMAN. For more information, visit

How much time do you spend on hold before you get to speak to a human being? To speak to this department press one. To speak to that department press two. The phone trees seem endless when you are looking to speak to a person. Our days are usually busier and busier and we have little patience and time for this nonsense.

Some of the biggest companies in the U.S. are in hiding – or at least, you might think so when you want to talk to a real person at one of them. Phone numbers are often tough to find, and if you do uncover one, it could lead to a voice-menu system that tries to placate you with recorded messages. That’s why GetHuman is so essential. It provides numbers for thousands of companies, from AT&T to Zynga, plus information on which buttons to press to reach a human and how long you’re likely to wait on hold.


Your Take Away was voted one of the best 50 websites by Time Magazine.

The site lists phone numbers for over 8000 companies. It will minimize your pressing departmental buttons and lessen your time on hold. There are also ways listed on having the company call YOU back!

GetHuman also has free apps available for Iphone and Android so you can save time wherever you may be.

Here is the take away – the unpublished number for Amazon – 866-216-1072. Don’t press or say anything. Average wait time is 1 minute.


Steve Levy has worked for years as a technician, troubleshooter and technical manager. He has worked for companies such as IBM, Merrill Lynch and others. He has been the top troubleshooter at the NYC Transit help desk. Steve brought all his skills to the company he formed in 2005, Pinpoint Computer Services, which supports small business and home office computers. Steve transformed the company into an award-winning computer service company, which has won the Angies list super service award in 2010, 2011 and 2012.  Steve’s company motto is “We Get Your Computers Running Right”. He means it!

Company website:

Laughter Yoga website:

To discover how to achieve your financial dreams click here

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Bonnie Gortler (@optiongirl) is a successful stock market guru who is passionate about teaching others about social media, weight loss and wealth. Over her 30-year corporate career, she has been instrumental in managing multi-million dollar client portfolios within a top rated investment firm. Bonnie is a uniquely multi-talented woman who believes that honesty, loyalty and perseverance are the keys to success. You will constantly find her displaying these beliefs due to her winning spirit and ‘You Can Do It’ attitude. Bonnie is a huge sports fan that has successfully lost over 70 pounds by applying the many lessons learned through her ongoing commitment toward personal growth and development while continually encouraging others to reach their goals & dreams. It is within her latest book project, “Journey to Wealth”, where Bonnie has made it her mission to help everyone learn the steps needed to gain sustainable wealth and personal prosperity. Order your copy of ”Journey to Wealth” today!

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