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Rule No.1: Never lose money. Rule No.2: Never forget rule No.1.”  

~Warren Buffet

Tracking your investments closely leads to more wealth in the short and long run.  If you are investing in the stock market, it’s a good idea to treat your investment portfolio the way you would if you were running your own business.  Wise investors and business owners track their #money closely.  It’s easy for you to begin tracking your investments.

Could you tell me right now how your investments are doing, or is that information left in the hands of someone else? No need to worry if you are not up to date with the exact figures because with today’s technology it’s simple for you to access your investments in real time.

Why do you want to track your investments closely?

You want to track your investments because the stock market is quite unpredictable. At times the market can move up and down, more or less than 5% in one day. No excuses, it’s a good idea to watch your portfolio.

Are you investing with the money you need to live on, or its money you have put away for your future?  Either way, you don’t want to be in the dark of about situation you may have been able to avoid.

Money bag PixabayAnswer These 9 Questions To Protect Your Money From Surprises

  1. What is your registration on the account? Is it a taxable account or non-taxable?
  2. Are your assets in a CD or money market that has a fixed rate of return?
  3. What is your risk on your investments; how much can you lose?
  4. Are your investments aligned with the current stage of life you are in?
  5. Do you have a company plan where all of your assets are in one single stock or are your assets at a brokerage house that invests for you?
  6. What is your portfolio invested in? (Example: Stocks, Mutual Funds, Bonds or Exchange Traded Funds (ETF’s)?
  7. Are you aware of the potential loss you can have if the stock market went down sharply?
  8. What fees are you paying on your investments?
  9. What percentage of equity and bonds are in your portfolio?

As a savvy investor it helps to take control of your investment by using an array of resource tools to help you track your investments. Protect your money so there are no surprises. In minutes you can visit a reputable website where you can follow what is happening, and prepare yourself at a moment’s notice if you decide an adjustment may be necessary. Accessing your investment portfolio on the web will allow you to read the latest news reports that affect the market or find key information that will disclose a buying or selling opportunity. You can view intra day price movements on stocks, exchange traded funds of all different sectors of the market and track mutual fund performance. You’ll discover by taking an interest in the resources that are available, you will become a more confident and informed investor. Both are keys in your financial success!

I would like to share with you a free and easy resource you can use when educating yourself. It also happens to be my favorite tracking site on the internet, check it out and go to Click on tab marked “Finance” to get started. Yahoo provides a wealth of timely information on what’s going on in the investment world in straightforward language meant to help any level of investor. Once there you will find that…

Yahoo Finance Can Help You:vision board wealth for life

  • See how your favorite stock market index is doing.
  • Watch your portfolio daily, check on the price movement of your individual stocks or mutual funds.
  • Export historical data of mutual funds, ETF’s, or stocks,
  • You can compare your investing holdings using their charting tools.
  • See and experiment with the technical indicators. They will give you clues to the trend of the market.

Protect yourself today by tracking your investments. By taking the time to do some research before you invest in the stock market you will avoid possible surprises that you are able to control. The market does not always go up (great fun) and there are some severe downturns (not fun) which can prove costly when you’re uninformed. Take care of your portfolio by tracking your investments closely by becoming a better informed investor. Always ask questions and you will find yourself learning more and more about investing. Whether you are a novice or professional, it’s a good idea to develop good money making habits.  Doing your research beforehand and watching the market closely will only deepen your commitment to continue tracking your investments. Over time you will find your careful attention will create the #wealth you deserve so you may live the lifestyle you desire.

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Today’s Tip to More Wealth and Well-Being
Day 7: More Abundance and Wealth for Your Financial Future

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Achieve The Goals You Desire – Believe In You 003- Bonnie-Aruba-sand-waterDo you find yourself making excuses and procrastinating about starting an investment plan for your financial future? Are you struggling to grow your wealth and sometimes intimidated or overwhelmed by what has to be done? Making good financial decisions is a skill that anyone can learn by deciding to commit to create change. There is no better time than now to develop a plan where you are in charge and can take responsibility for your financial future. You don’t have to make a dramatic change all at once so it’s hard or even a painful process. You can make small changes, one at a time and before you know it, you will be saving and investing in a natural manner that becomes easier and more rewarding each day.

Your financial goals change at different stages of life. You want to decide if you are investing for the short or long term.  There are periods in life when taking risks is warranted but other phases in life when it is best to be extremely careful with your finances. Everyone’s risk tolerance threshold varies depending on the different situations in life. Some of you are just beginning to build your wealth and still have your entire life ahead of you. Because you are just starting out you have more time ahead to replace capital if lost. A new investor starting out in life has different objectives than one who is now retired after working his or her whole life or living off of money they have saved; and therefore have a lower tolerance for risk because of the lack of time to recover should there be a loss.

Risk is the potential loss you can have on an investment. No matter what circumstance you are in, your risk tolerance needs to be established along with the appropriate investment strategy for your lifestyle, age that fit into the dreams you have for your future. Develop an investment plan that includes a mix of equities and bonds that you want in order to manage risk. Some investments are more uncertain than others. A simple and quick way to decide your portfolio mix of how much equity and bonds is by your age. The older you are the more bonds and less equity you want in your portfolio.   For example, if you are 30 years old then 30% bonds; and 70% equity would be your mix. If you are age 50, then a good investment mix would be 50% bonds and 50 % equity. (Note: future results cannot be guaranteed).

Investments that are too aggressive and keep you up at night are simply too stressful, and don’t align with your commitment to achieving wealth and well-being. Capital preservation is the key to your investments and growing your wealth. If you are losing sleep then these are not the correct investments for you. Consider altering your portfolio by making a small change at a time.  No need to change everything all at once. Decrease in phases to give yourself more peace of mind and less stress, so you can be more comfortable with your investment situation. In the long run, having investments that are quieter, (low volatility) as part of your portfolio will be the most consistent way for you to make the most money.

More Abundance and Wealth for Your Financial Future

  • Write down your short and long term goals and keep them by your side and look at them often.
  • Know where your money is going and what are you spending each month. Be mindful of not spending more than you earn.
  • Write down or create a worksheet on the computer what your monthly expenses are. Notice money spent on items that had no significance or that were not high priorities.
  • Have clear defined objectives. Create a written plan that has a mix of long term, (5 years or more) intermediate term (1 to 5 years) and short term (up to one year) personal financial goals. Financial planning early in life can begin leading you on the road to prosperity.
  • Start saving a few dollars at a time to begin accumulating wealth. Start small, a twenty dollar bill saved today will continue to grow for your future. You will be amazed how dollars turn into hundreds, then into thousands. It’s never too late to begin saving and investing.
  • Remember when investing that all trades will not make money. You will not be perfect. Learn how to let go of past mistakes. Learn to not let emotions rule your decisions. Stay focused, manage your thoughts and create good trading investment habits that will keep you on the right track.
  • Give yourself the gift of peace of mind by doing a little research before you invest. Be realistic with your expectations.
  • Track your investments that you invest in the stock market is a key to mastering your finances. Watch your portfolio daily, check on the price movement of your individual stocks or mutual funds.
  • Time is your friend when you are investing. Money will grow if you leave it to accumulate and don’t spend it.
  • Manage your risk! Protect your assets. Prevent large losses on your investments. Remember the best loss is the smallest loss. It is more important not to lose than it is to win.  Slow and steady consistent growth is much better than a roller coaster ride up and down with your investments.

With you making a commitment to a few simple changes carried out a little each day with consistency, you will, over time achieve your dreams and enjoy a bright financial future. A proper plan will not only save you money, but will also be enable you the flexibility to use your money on what gives you pleasure rather than only using it for meeting the basic needs that fill your life. Making even a small change is something that you can do without too much effort; when you do you will find the benefits are worth every step taken. Even the smallest action steps add up and are enough to make a true difference in your life. You have the power to turn things around. Learn to become accountable to you and take charge of your financial future so you can reap the benefits for years to come.

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