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Social media continues to flourish and can be an effective source in helping your message spreads like wild fire, especially when using Twitter. Look around you and you see that Facebook is most popular, however it was Twitter that changed my life and how I communicate on the web. Twitter is easy to learn and you can get started with a new account in less than 5 minutes. You quickly feel the magic as you begin to engage with others within this truly powerful platfom. Twitter is a one place where you can create on-line friendships and build life long relationships as you grow your business. It is simple and fun to use and is quite powerful by allowing you the opportunity to spread your message while establishing contacts with people from all over the world.   

How to Use Twitter as a Communication Tool

1) Communicate by Direct Messages – introduce yourself to your new followers and invite them to have a virtual cup of coffee with you after you engage with them. Once you establish the relationship ask for their contact information.  Down the road you might establish enough of a rapport to have a new client or even solidify a joint venture partnership.

2) Announce your new Blog Posts – The ability to tell the world who you are and establish your credibility is essential and is why having your own blog is valuable. Each time you make a new post on your blog use Twitter to let all your followers know. In seconds you can get blog traffic by tweeting a message about your post.

3. Make known your new product or program – Tweet the link on Twitter, and watch your message spread.  Give advanced notice of your announcement to your good connections so they can pass the word.

Example Tweet of Advanced notice (examples by @sherikayehoff on Twitter)

        Watch for my brand new audio product launch in about 2 hours

Example of tweet of product

        Transform your life today… shift/change- move forward why wait?

Example of how to spread message

        Wow! Do you know Sheri has a new audio program? Take a look 

Tweets like the ones above allow you to quickly communicate your message to others all over the world. You gain valuable exposure which can generate interest for your business. The magic begins with you and your message can easily be retweeted by your followers and spread your  message like wildfire. The trick is to establish relationships so others will want to support your efforts by retweeting while you are supporting theirs by doing the same.

When you use social media, in most cases it is not necessary to spend thousands of dollars in marketing. Make people aware you are an expert, be willing to share, connect others to one another and enjoy the experience of social media. Create a plan, be helpful and provide information, tips, and share your knowledge. Spread kindness, have a positive attitude, and connect with others. Have fun, stretch out of your comfort zone and engage with others. Have some fun, get hooked and communicate your message and watch it spread like wildfire! Create an excellent day! ~Bonnie

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Develop an “attitude of gratitude.” Say thank you to everyone you meet for everything they do for you. ~ Brian Tracy

Dream and dream big! Here is a short but powerful video with a message that can bring tears to your eyes. You can change your words for the better just with one word. Even one kind word or the smallest donation can make someone’s day.  Think about what and how you are expressing yourself. Help someone by giving them hope through generosity and kindness. Can you lift the spirit of another by simply using different words? Yes, you certainly can! You can most certainly get your message across through support and praise. Start TODAY by lifting the spirit of others through gentle kind words as you create an excellent week. ~Bonnie

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