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When you experience big changes in your life, it’s tempting to want things to go back to “normal”.  Your big change could involve your personal life, your health, your career, and/or your business. But what if your normal is a “new normal”. Your new normal could be even better than your old normal and include changes that prevent you from ever going back to your old normal. Some things that we experience in life change us so profoundly that there is no going back. And that’s a good thing. After I got so sick in the summer of 2015 and came so close to death, people asked my son, Nick, “How is your mom doing?” His answer was, “She is better than normal.” I changed profoundly from going over to the other side and coming back into my body. If I had set my eyes on returning to my old “normal” after this major life event, it wouldn’t work.

So how can you create normalcy after dramatic changes in your life? I have 7 steps to help you find your new sense of normal and stability.

  1. Discover how to feel much better.
    How you feel is related to the way you think about life. If you decide that you want to feel better, you set yourself on a path to feel better.
  1. Begin writing in a daily journal.
    Journal Prompt: What would it take right now to make me feel better? Then, ask, “How can I get there?”
  1. Open the doorway to experience complete healing.
    Allow the idea to form that you can heal completely from your experience. You don’t have to see yourself as “damaged goods”. I know that when I lost my brother at a young age, I thought that I would be damaged forever. When I first began to allow the possibility that I could be happy and feel joy, I experienced a turning point and headed back to a feeling of wholeness. When my heart failed last summer, I was frustrated thinking that I had a “bad heart”. I knew on a soul level, my heart was good and pure… and it felt terrible to think otherwise. When I started appreciating my heart for supporting me to this point in life, my attitude change. I was thanking my heart every day for its hard work. Eventually, my heart responded to this appreciation and I experienced a spontaneous healing.
  1. Greatly improve the quality of your life right now.
    Work on your bucket list now Why wait? If you want to improve your golf game, do it now. If you want to see more concerts, do it now. If you want to spend more time with people you love, do it now.
  1. Create peace of mind.
    Let go of needing to fight against something. Create acceptance and that is the beginning of positive change. When you accept what is going on and get calm, you have a positive starting point for change. Peace of mind enables clear thought and options that you may not see when you are in a frenzy or fury over something you perceive as unfair. Rather than think about what you are against, think about what you are for.
  1. Create focused thinking.
    It’s difficult to have focused thinking when you have a lot going on. Thoughts get scattered and cloudy. Focus your mind with deep breathing exercises and journal exercises. Reduce noise, so you can clearly see options and weigh decisions. Journal Prompts: What are my goals? What help do I need? What do I need to learn?  What action steps do I want to take?
  1. Take charge of a full-on blitz for your mind, body, and spirit.
    When you care for your mind, body, and spirit; you create a holistic approach for creating your “new normal”.  Cultivate thoughts that work for you. Take care of your body combining the best of modern medicine and alternative approaches that make sense for you and move your body in a way that is fun and inspiring. Meditate and pray on a daily basis to stay connected to your spirituality.

When you practice these 7 steps, you will find your “new normal”.  You may be surprised to see that you are better than ever, living a purposeful and fulfilling life no matter what is going on around you.

Business and Life Strategist, known for inspiring massive action and being a catalyst for personal and business growth, joy, and profits in a way that is fun, relaxing, and fulfilling, Sheri Kaye Hoff inspires people to the do work they love and make money. She is a near death survivor and thriver. Learn more about Sheri


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My best friend is the one who brings out the best in me.
~Henry Ford

Who comes to your mind when you think of the word friend? Some of you know many people, as far back to childhood, high school or have college buddies that are friends and keep up with them using social media. You’ve probably noticed using the internet just how easy it is to meet and make new friends and build relationships you may have not done so otherwise. Yes, technology has worked its way into our personal relationships, but do we really know what it means to be a friend? defines the word friend as

A person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard 

a person who gives assistance; patron; supporter

How many friends can you speak with openly, who are good listeners, and are there for you? These are the people who don’t get mad over nonsense and would never judge you. We’re not talking about those who do and then decide not be your friend anymore. Life is too short for that. We’re shining light on those who you can be yourself with no matter what, and agree to disagree. A true friend is someone who believes in you and you share feelings of mutual closeness with an uncanny amount of rapport and trust that only grows with time, nonstop understanding, and a trust between one another.
It’s not necessary to talk to them all the time and you may only keep in touch periodically. It could be a week, month or even a year later, but when you do reconnect it’s as if you had never stopped talking.  You have a special bond, a feeling inside that radiates positive energy, peace, excitement, joy, and love. True friends are one of life’s wonderful blessings. They are exceptionally rare, sacred, and a treasure to have.

Did you know that you already have a trusted friend who will never let you down?  One you can trust completely, one who will always keep your most precious secrets secret, and one who is literally on call 24-7. That’s pretty amazing, right?  Realize who your best friend really is.


You Are Your Own Best Friend.

Yes, Powerful YOU!


When you appreciate this friendship with yourself, you will be able to have the fullness in experiences with all of your “other” friends. This is because you have learned to find joy and contentment within yourself.  When you love and make friends with yourself, you find that you are not as demanding of others and feel disappointed by them. This is because you are meeting your own needs and not looking outside yourself for others to fill that void. You will realize you have everything you would ever want. You will discover that it is all within you.  By acknowledging your positive qualities, strengths, and shortcomings is how  to truly appreciate yourself.  Love yourself and become your own best friend.  Allow and accept yourself for who you are and realize that you are perfect (flaws and all) exactly the way you are.

Let today be the day you make a commitment to you by becoming your own best friend.  Be gentle with yourself. Show yourself grace and kindness because you really do matter.  Set aside quality time for you.

  • take a daily walk, start with 5 minutes
  • journal, even if it’s one sentence
  • clear your mind, by listening to music that relaxes you

It’s your choice, however something that you don’t already do now and it’s something that you really enjoy.

What could you do  now that will  enhance your friendship with you? Don’t worry about the past, or the future.  Enjoy the moment, let life flow by, becoming the friend who never lets you down.

It’s my pleasure to share a poem  being my own best friend.


Move Forward Today

Life goes by fast 

Don’t worry about the past 

Tranquility is close by 

Be still and listen for your why 

Take time for you now 

With patience you will find how

 Move forward with what you love each day

 Going within is the way 

As your mind wanders about 

Trust you can heal your doubt 

Sadness comes and goes 

Smile, buy yourself a beautiful rose

 When tears roll down your face 

Stop and give yourself some space 

Fear making a change and feel alone 

Today step out of your comfort zone 

The bigger the change, the bigger the test 

All is well, do your best 

Make a commitment to you. 

Something different each day new 

Happiness is your birthright 

Believe you are the shining light!



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Will you be in the same place as you are five years from now? Are you happy and enjoying your life? Focus on what you desire as if it is yours now. Visualize your success and have positive thoughts.

Experiencing challenges teaches you many invaluable lessons.   The number of times you succeed is in direct proportion to the number of times you fail and keep trying. Don’t give up.  Doubts and fears might pop up however they are temporary obstacles.

Be persistent. Focus on one step at a time to reach your goal. You will have a great feeling when you successfully meet the challenge. All great achievements require time, endurance, and a push to get through to move towards your goals.

Surround yourself with others who support you and are positive and avoid the people who give off negative energy or put you down. Openly share your talents with others.

You don’t need to know all your answers in advance.  Have a clear idea of the goal you desire to reach. Take one step at a time and be patient with yourself. Once you muster up the courage to begin, you’ll find the courage to succeed.  If you can believe it you can achieve it.

Share your own formula for creative success.

Bonnie Gortler

The Inspired Wealth & Well-Being Coach

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Start your day with a positive thought. Your attitude is key to your happiness.  If you are angry, frustrated and focusing on what is not good, then each day will be  more of a challenge and less enjoyment of life.  How you perceive and view your challenges will make a difference in your life,   Instead of anger, negativity and fear choose happiness. Life is precious.

Make a decision to  be patient, loving, and not so hard  on yourself.    Live life to the fullest and be the one to achieve your dreams and desires.

Watch the video below and be inspired now.

To your health, wealth and happiness,


The Inspired Wealth & Well-Being Coach

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Each of us needs a boost now and then, towards achieving our goals and dreams.  We all feel fear.  What would it be like to you when you feel the fear you decide to do it anyway.  It’s so much better than procrastinating and taking no action.  When you do what you fear you will have an amazing feeling after you take the action towards your fear.  If you are waffling with your decision, ask yourself what simple step can I take now to embrace my fear?

Be your best friend and listen to your heart.  Don”t let what others stop you from what you desire. Believe in your abilities, live your passion and be the confident you.

Watch the video below and be inspired to feel your fear and do it anyway.

To your health, wealth and happiness,


The Inspired Wealth & Well-Being Coach


Opera duo Charlotte & Jonathan – Britain’s Got Talent 2012 audition – UK version

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Take the time to think about what you could achieve today if you decided to be brave. These are just a few questions to ponder. What has been burning inside of you just waiting to come out? Ask yourself what is holding you back from going after your dreams?  Decide you are going to take a few minutes  now to do one important goal on your list that you have been avoiding. Choose something that would be fun and you love.

YOU can do anything you set your mind to.  Even if you have feel some fear, the courage is within you. Decide to make it a point every day to take one action step  to what your heart desires.  Never give up on your dreams! Believe in You… I certainly do!

Create an excellent week ~Bonnie

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Life can be so hectic. There are plenty of surprises, both good and not so good which always occur when you least expect them. My coaches have taught me that you always have a choice. Remember to choose happiness. This can be challenging sometimes; however, you need to find a way from within to calm & sooth yourself. If you are down take some time for yourself. Do something you enjoy. You can always watch an inspiring music filled video where you can dance or listen to the music. Experience how your body feels as you are uplifted & encouraged by the sounds moving through your body. Smile, breathe in and out and feel the rhythm within you. Become free.

This is one way I choose to reconnect recharge myself. This video I’m sharing with you today is one of my favorites from Marcome, who is a Canadian singer songwriter and musician. She does a mixture of pop, world music mixed with new age, jazz, and ambient voices. Marcome is a beautiful, kind, and compassionate woman, who I met on Twitter. (@Marcome)

Do you ever let your mind wander, sit, be still, and clear your thoughts? I’ve gained great pleasure sharing her beautiful videos with you. The music combined with the images are both outstanding! So relaxing by allowing you to relax and let go. Encourage yourself at every turn. You are important and YOU matter! ~Bonnie

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True happiness involves the full use of one’s power and talents.
John W. Gardner

Have you ever noticed how some days are super busy and other days are quiet and peaceful? If you’re like me those peaceful days can sometimes be few and far between! It can be tough to balance everything and still keep your sanity, especially when it comes to work. Do you have projects that are incomplete and play over and over in your mind leaving you to the point where you feel a little anxious, uncertain and maybe even frustrated to the point of giving up? Wouldn’t it be great if you were relaxed, full of energy and could always feel confident in overcoming what frustrates you? This may sound difficult to attain but you can overcome such roadblocks by remembering why you even started your project in the first place and then replaying over and over in your mind the excitement you felt before all the obstacles came your way. What if I told you that calm, peace and happiness could be yours within those super busy days too? With just a tweak or two to your mindset and in the actions you take you really can have the life you’ve always dreamed of. You just have to be willing do the work that will point you in the right direction.Bonnie Peace

With a little awareness and practice you can change your thoughts by using the power of intention to free yourself from the negativity that is distracting you from the life you desire. When we focus more on the positives, all the negative thoughts and emotions tend to slowly drift away to a state of calm and peace. When you nourish your mind with good thoughts and positive things on a daily basis you can quiet the negative voices you hear in your mind.  This can be achieved by taking action when you notice a negative thought creep in and by changing the thought to a positive one. Doing so will be the start of miraculous changes that will reduce stress, add more peace in your life and surround you with an abundance of happiness going forward.

When you think about your life what is the one thing that makes you feel apprehensive or is holding you back? Are you harboring a past event that still upsets you and figure that this is just how it is? Can you, for a moment, imagine yourself with reduced stress, increased confidence, and living a life of calm instead of a flood of regret or worry? A recent study confirmed that over 95% of what we worry about doesn’t even happen. Think of all the wasted time and attention. What about all the time you spend afraid or ashamed over things you no longer have control over? This is why it’s so important that you learn from these lessons and begin creating good habits and routines that focus on the positives and in what makes life pleasurable. Commit to doing so, and you will receive results that will improve and enhance your overall well-being.

It may not always feel like it but all that you desire is within your reach and you have the power to do what you’ve never imagined possible. You can accomplish your dreams by keeping the ball rolling forward instead of focusing on your past. You will not find answers by turning to food every time uncomfortable emotions kick in or by drowning yourself in work when things get difficult at home. Neither approach will provide the answers you need. A much better choice is to start from within by being gentler with yourself. Yes, it’s a process and it won’t happen overnight. You will have to take small simple steps to change your behavior. It really is a choice to remain positive, and with consistency you can get to a place of feeling peace in your heart, body, and soul. Staying in the positive is worth the effort since nothing beats the pure joy you will create and the benefits you will encounter from a richer more fulfilling life.

Keep in mind that all habits can be changed when you embrace, experience, and enjoy the journey. Once you make new positive habits part of a daily routine they become automatic and ingrained in everything that you do. They begin to feel very natural and soon feel like second nature. You must decide now that you want to create change in your life. Your happiness is important and is an integral part in you successfully doing what you passionately want to do in your life. These simple tips I’m sharing with you can move you closer to happiness by reducing the stress you may be experiencing and by giving you peace like you’ve never had before.

12 Tips To Reducing Stress, More Peace, and Happiness

  • Find your passion. Do what you love to do. Have a big vision with your individual goals that you choose and gives you a feeling of safety. You are a creative being and let your creativity shine.
  • Do less, not more. Focus on the important tasks, and get rid of the rest. You will get more accomplished, your frustration level will be reduced and you have more time for things that give you joy.
  • Choose only what aligns with your overall goals. Remove one item today that you do frequently that is not getting the results you desire,
  • Simplify your finances. Live life on your terms not somebody else’s. Pay cash when you can, reduce debt by paying off high interest credit cards, and spend within your means.
  • Create simple systems. Create well-organized simple systems for your everyday routines, anything you do over and over. Examples: Have a fixed place for your spare keys, bills, and mail.
  • Set goals for 3 months, 6 months and a year. Choose a goal to start working on in the short term that will move you towards your longer-term goal.
  • Focus on one task at a time. Give up multi-tasking. This will ultimately make you more productive and will reduce stress.
  • Take action, even the small action is better than procrastinating and doing nothing. Do your very best. Don’t wait until everything is perfect. Feel the fear, and do it anyway!
  • Give up wanting to being right. Look for a way to understand the other person’s position, to see it from their point of view.
  • Respond instead of react. Control your impulses and raise your awareness to your surroundings. If someone says or does something to you that you don’t like, say and do nothing but consider if what they’ve said has merit. Then count to 10 before you respond. If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t!
  • Be compassionate and be thoughtful of how others feel. Think about what the other person might be going through. Don’t judge them. Remember there are two sides to every story, sometimes even more.
  • Get support. Be held accountable. Find a coach or partner who will support you to on your journey in life.

ocean of loveEveryone needs happiness, a bit of calm, and moments of quiet especially with our busy day to day responsibilities. When those judgments arrive to bring you down or you’re feeling overwhelmed, remember to be gentle on yourself. Start now to steer your mind from the negative and proactively think more positive thoughts. The first step is to start by investing in YOU with a genuine commitment for change. The only way to live the life you desire is to take action now. Make the choice today to improve your well-being and enjoy life with more peace and even more happiness than you ever imagined. The power is within you!

One of the most difficult things to do is to break out of habits that do more harm than good. I coach people who want to grow wealth without stress and worry. If you are serious about changing this part of your life, I invite you to a complimentary 30 minute consultation with me. This is a coaching consultation about changing your mindset, habits, and the results you’re experiencing surrounding your wealth and well-being. If you would like to book your own complementary session, send me an e mail at

Wishing you health, wealth, and happiness,



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Stop the Struggle of Stress and Learn to Be Happy

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Are you allowing stress or frustration to take over your life? Do you experience emotions that make your mind wander to a point where you feel like your head will explode because of all the mindless chatter? I know we’ve all had these feelings from time to time, and it’s even hard to imagine during these times that you can ever feel better; but know these feelings do pass and you will get to a point where you are in more control of your life and will also feel equipped to change the situation you are in. The trick is to not to concentrate so much on what is ahead of you that you miss out on what brings joy now. Once you understand the ebb and flow of life then you are in a better position to understand fully that YOU are good enough, strong enough, rich enough and smart enough to handle any situation that comes your way.Stop The Struggle of Stress and Learn to Be Happy

Do you think about the future and what you want to accomplish? When you do, does fear and anxiety show up? Do decisions seem to arrive slower because negative thoughts or false stories seem to get the best of you? With practice you can be more mindful, more conscious, and more aware when negativity shows up. Mindfulness is the acceptance of what is. Believe me that it is OK to dream, and you must if you are to ever reach beyond your current circumstances. What I’m sharing with you is the idea that you must learn to pay attention to your thoughts and feelings without judging whether they are right or wrong. You must learn to give yourself a bit of grace and kind consideration for being the beautiful, strong, and intelligent person you are. You must remind yourself each day that you are important and your feelings matter. When you use your energy to build yourself up during the good times then you are that much stronger to handle life when the not so good times arrive.

A great place to start making change is to never ignore your feelings or give your power away to any negative thoughts that may swirl through your head. Learn how to feel them and not fight them. Let them go deep within you and face them head on. It’s when we ignore or try to push feelings down when they do their most damage. By acknowledging your feelings you are able to learn the lessons that may move you to achieve your dreams and aspirations. When you allow them to run their course, you will find that your personal well-being will be better and life will have more meaning and purpose. In other words, you will be happier. No matter how difficult it may become you must keep pushing forward and find what you are passionate about in your life. Once you do then you will be even closer to leaving stress behind and becoming the happy person you deserve to be. A negative mindset will get you nowhere fast. Begin by shifting your focus on what you desire when you have those negative thoughts popping into the mind and with enough practice you will see changes that will allow your true destiny to unfold.

One way to grow in mindfulness is to practice creating mental toughness. You do this by first creating a plan of what you want to accomplish within a certain amount of time. Instead of being focused on what you are stressed about take a moment to gather your thoughts, take a deep breath, and start to think about what makes you feel like a success. Map out a plan that includes simple steps toward the goals you desire. Focus on one thing at a time when your mind races and then quickly follow up with an action step that will give you the confidence to enjoy more tranquility and peace in your life. There is choice in everything that you do. Make a solid decision, become mindful, and never let stress rule you because you only give your power away when you do. Always remember that you have the power and are in control. You must use everything within your very being to shift negative thoughts into positive ones. It’s important that you take ownership by being patient with yourself. You must never give up. You can do anything you set your mind to.

Mindful Tips to Enjoy Life More: Stop the Struggle of Stresspositve thinking

  • Stop your wondering mind by bringing yourself back to the present. Be present to the moment as it is taking place. Focus on what you’re doing now, instead of thinking or worrying about the future.
  • Make a commitment to unlearn old habits and develop new ones. Be patient, this takes time and practice but so worth creating change in your life.
  • When emotions run high go within instead of lashing out at somebody else. Learn how to process the emotions even if they are painful, or make you angry or sad. Don’t stuff them down, feel them, let go and move forward.
  • Become the master of your thoughts. Ask is it really true or are you making up a story?
  • Be bold brave and daring. Go out of your comfort zone. Embrace your fears. Yes fear is normal, but everyone has some kind of fear, Sometimes fear could stop you, but focus on the good, think positive thoughts, and overcome the challenge.
  • Be grateful. Appreciate your blessings in life. Do your best to think about what you have instead of what you don’t have. This positive mindset will give you more joy in life.
  • Set yourself up for success. Don’t fill your mind with negative thoughts about your goals you want to achieve. Decide if it’s really a goal that you want. If it is, take steps toward your goal and stop talking about it. Take action. If it’s not really your goal anymore, change the goal.
  • Think about why you are doing what you are doing in the first place. If you want it bad enough you will take the time and get it done.
  • Focus on one item at a time. No multi-tasking.
  • Accept what is and don’t beat yourself up.
  • Give yourself some “me time”. Each day spend 10 minutes doing zero. Be still. Sit in silence. Focus on your breathing and this will quiet your mind.
  • Manage your schedule better. Leave some room on your calendar with what you have scheduled between what you have planned to do in case something takes longer than you thought it would.
  • Do less instead of more. Think about what’s important. Ask yourself what can you cut out of your day that takes up time but really serves you no purpose? Take action now by stopping doing one item that is not important.
  • Be mindful with others by being a better listener. Pay attention to what is being said. If you are with the person have good eye contact, look directly into their eyes. Don’t think about what you want to say next, instead really listen to that person.
  • Have some fun. Do what you enjoy in life. All work and no play is no fun and is no life.

Practice being more mindful each day and learn to pay attention to life by becoming more in the present moment as you move through your day. This might be a challenge at first, but you will feel so much better when you do. I know when I am more mindful, my days are filled with joy and peace. This is a far cry from when I’m not mindful and I’m soon surrounded by stress and chaos. I’ve learned through the years that whenever life seems to be getting out of control that I must slow down and become present in the moment. You’ll find a lot of the tricks and tools that have worked for me in the above list. It truly does pay off when you become mindful and take the time for what matters to you. Make it a point to discover what is meaningful in your life and you will free yourself from mindless negativity. Don’t wait any longer, you really do matter! Open your heart with appreciation for the lessons as they arrive and each one will move you even closer to your dreams. Once you make the decision to quiet the chatter and to be present each moment then you will stop the struggle of stress within your life. This will do wonders for improving your overall happiness and well-being. Believe wholeheartedly that you are worth it and that you do matter. Remember to always take care of your heart, mind and soul because by doing so you will finally learn to be happy.

To your health, wealth, and happiness,

The Inspired Wealth and Well-Being Coach


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You have the power to create change – Invest in YOU!

Today’s Tip to More Wealth and Well-Being 
Day 6: Break Free from Your Fears

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face-your-fearsIs fear getting the best of you? Is fear holding you back from doing and achieving what you would like to do? Everyone feels fear at some point in time. It’s perfectly normal and some people naturally feel fear more than others. Fear can be paralyzing and limits you. Facing fear head on is a much better way to handle fear. Moving beyond your fears is not always easy but fears can be conquered. You truly can overcome your fears! When the feeling of fear fills me, I have learned to think of fear as an adventure that needs to be explored. Initiate it too, and see what happens. Don’t let fear stop you from reaching your goals, dreams, and the desires that you aspire to achieve. Live your passion each day waking up happy, feeling excited, and inspired. Why not decide now to make a commitment to set yourself free from the fears that you are holding on to. It truly is possible to live the life you want and do so on your terms. Facing your fears can allow opportunities to open up and manifest in your life.

“Fear does not have any special power unless you empower it by submitting to it.” -Les Brown

What is the one action step you can do today to invest in yourself? Finding the answer may be closer than you think. What I’ve learned over the years is that when we have the tendency to hold off addressing fears due to a lack of knowledge and the fear of repeating past mistakes. You can learn how to break free from your fears with the right guidance, patience, and belief in yourself. When you invest in yourself and decide now is the time to take the necessary steps that will open a gateway for your dreams and desires to come true, and then you realize that the possibilities for achieving your goals are endless. You don’t have to be perfect. You only have to start. Once you do, you will begin to create change more easily, and also enjoy a more fulfilling and happier life. You and your deepest desires are worth it. The time has come for you to Invest in You!

By acknowledging your fear, you can work through its hold on you. There are times when you need someone knowledgeable to talk to or times when you need only an ear of someone to brainstorm with. I have been in this place more than once. Through the help of my coaches, I was able to reach beyond and break free from many of my fears. By going through the coaching process myself, I now fully understand how investing in a coach can speed up the process since doing so has had such a huge impact on my life. If you are unsure of how to start facing your fears, think about investing in a coach who can help you break free and will share their experiences, provide encouragement and also keep you accountable while you move closer to your dreams so you can finally start doing things you never imagined possible.

There really is no need to handle everything all at once since doing so will only overwhelm and lead you to become discouraged. Start by simply facing one fear by making a plan, and then begin working the plan. When you take action steps you are well on your way to creating the life you desire.

The time has arrived for you to take the first step to a better future. If you feel a bit overwhelmed simply stop what you’re doing. Never wallow in what’s not working with negative thoughts. Give yourself permission to feel better and break free from what is holding you back from living the healthy wealthy lifestyle that you desire.

I have one free offer for you.

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