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Each of us needs a boost now and then, towards achieving our goals and dreams.  We all feel fear.  What would it be like to you when you feel the fear you decide to do it anyway.  It’s so much better than procrastinating and taking no action.  When you do what you fear you will have an amazing feeling after you take the action towards your fear.  If you are waffling with your decision, ask yourself what simple step can I take now to embrace my fear?

Be your best friend and listen to your heart.  Don”t let what others stop you from what you desire. Believe in your abilities, live your passion and be the confident you.

Watch the video below and be inspired to feel your fear and do it anyway.

To your health, wealth and happiness,


The Inspired Wealth & Well-Being Coach


Opera duo Charlotte & Jonathan – Britain’s Got Talent 2012 audition – UK version

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Relaxing music can do wonders for you when you want to take a moment out of your day for some “me time”. It’s easy. Close your eyes, breath deeply several times and feel each muscle in your body relax.

Are you feeling a little stressed? You have choice as to how you are going to handle the stress. It might be a challenge at first, and it takes practice, but you can decide to push the pause button for some well deserved time in order for you to regenerate your mind, body, and soul.  Take a moment and enjoy the beauty of nature.

You will be happier you did.

To your health, wealth, and happiness


The Inspired Wealth & Well-Being Coach

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It’s Labor Day, a day dedicated to those who labor, I thought I would share this video that will allow you to take full advantage of today’s theme of rest after a hard day’s work. Enjoy!

Relaxation music allows the time to be able to enjoy and become accustomed to the many benefits all driven to enhance your “well being”. If you have been following me on Twitter, then you have seen the tweet —- “Sit and be still, listen don’t do anything for five minutes. Breathe in, breathe out and follow the breaths”. So simple but what a welcomed reminder!

Take a moment for you. Be aware of the smells that surround you. Reach out, touch, listen and be grateful for who you are and all that you have. As my grandfather always said to me, ‘Bonnie, make the best of each day. Life is not perfect, challenges are always upon us, but be the best you can be.’ What a wise message for all of us to remember.

Smell the flowers that you see or imagine that are around you, and experience by reaching out to touch and feel of beauty that is deep within. You have one life to live, enjoy the moment, don’t give up, and keep your dreams alive.

Create an awesome week! ~Bonnie


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Here’s an inspirational message to get you through the week!

Do not fear your emotions, take control and work your way though them. Let your thoughts touch your spirit and body. Don’t hurry the voyage by rushing. Be patient with yourself and enjoy the journey. Remember to always keep your thoughts positive as you move forward to meet the challenges that will undoubtedly arise. As you persevere, you also are keeping your dreams alive. ~Bonnie

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Positive thinking is where you start the process of personal growth. Are you ready for a change?  What have you done today to make yourself feel proud? When you take baby steps you can accomplish your desires and will be an incredible feeling that YOU create. Sure it involves risk, as you step from the known to the unknown. Your growth will depend on your actions. In other words… doing the do.  If you need some support, a coach can help you get the results that you want.  Together you will find your inner strength that you didn’t even realize that you had and do things that you never imagined you would do. Your growth will come through your commitment to overcome your deepest challenges and fears. You can do it! I beleive in you.

Are you ready? Choose now. You only live once, and you have one life, so LIVE IT! Positive thinking all starts in your mind. Visualize what you desire, keep pushing forward and never give up.  Look for your inner guidance, learn to trust your instincts.  Keep positive in your belief that you can do it. Open your arms to change, stretch yourself, and be proud of YOU! ~Bonnie

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Are negative thoughts passing through your mind? Do you let them get the best of you? It doesn’t have to be this way. You have the power to control your thoughts so that they don’t have to get the best of you. Its time to learn to handle adversity that you might be facing. Your mindset is important to how successful you will be.

Look for the next better feeling thought in that moment and shift your mindset instantly to be more positive. Learn to discipline yourself and realize how powerful you are. There is so much to embrace in your life.

Challenge yourself, invest in yourself, stretch, and use your imagination and dream! Go out of your comfort zone. Think about what are the opportunities in the situation. Get excited. Embrace what you have never done before. With a positive attitude, be willing to experiment, and go after your goals and dreams.

You can do anything that you set your mind to. Believe it is possible. Embrace the moment, engage and enjoy life. Be courageous, think positive and believe in you. 


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Believe and you will achieve what is within your heart and on your mind. All you need to do is use the power of your thoughts to find the happiness that is inside of you.  You hold the answers & do not need to know them all your deepest desires in advance. Take one step at a time. It takes courage and strength to begin, but you’ll find the courage to succeed if you only keep trying. Start when you are feeling challenged and need to endure something difficult for doing so will help build your muscles for even tougher challenges. Yes, the going is tough but no matter how long it takes you must never never give up!

Keep on climbing and keep the vision of an even greater end goal in mind. When the going gets tough that the victory begins. No mountain is as high as it seems. You can reach the top plus have all that you desire if you ACT on your dreams. You must keep your dreams alive. Never let go, never give in.  Always fight for a brighter tomorrow because it is the future that holds your dreams! ~Bonnie



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Today I chose to share this song because it a favorite of a new friend who has inspired me. Just some incredible classic rock from the old days. I still love and am inspired by the lyrics. How about you? Take time to reflect and think of the past, your childhood friends or dreams you may of had not so long ago. Keep your new dreams alive by finding the beauty within and give yourself the freedom to face the life that awaits you. Climb aboard the search for tomorrow as you carry on and come sail away with me. (Huge laugh) Be happy and create fun today. You’ll enjoy life more if you do. Now is the time to become the one who inspires others as you put a smile on their face or a good feeling in their heart 🙂

It takes the ability to live bold in order to have the courage to face your challenges. You can overcome anything even if you think they are impossible. Don’t be afraid and do your best. That is all that you can ask of yourself. Don’t live in the past for it is already gone. You must learn to confront your challenges and move through your fear each and every time. Take one small step today, learn to be kind to yourself, and remember there is always a choice. What you choose may be difficult but ultimately the choice is yours, so make sure it is one that is true to you. Enjoy a most wonderful day as you now begin to create an excellent week. ~Bonnie

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Life is a journey, full of surprises, and challenges. Surround yourself with uplifting people as you give to yourself and give back to others. While on your journey of well-being and wealth it will be important to remember to keep a positive attitude. It’s not about what you do, but it’s how you think. Open your mind and discover the new opportunities that await YOU.   Get in touch with your thoughts and what is buried deep within your heart. Live your life each day to the fullest and go after your dreams. They really are fuel for the soul!

Stay focused on the journey not a destination because there are no mistakes, only the chances that we take. Some are good and some not so good.  You can stay strong despite the challenges life may send your way. There is only one YOU, so keep moving forward because all we have is NOW… this moment right here. As you keep pushing forward remember to always be grateful for what you do have because we are not promised tomorrow. With each gift of a new day we are offered new hope, new dreams, and a new outlook. Never waste time or energy on what has passed. Your missio

n should be to make today great. It’s never too late to create a beautiful day! ~Bonnie

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Sit, be still, and think for a moment. Are you thankful for what you do have? Are you enjoying life? Are you happy?

You can start your day with positive thoughts. Doing so will place you in the best position to be your best self. Believe that you can achieve anything that you put your mind to. The happiest people may not have the best of everything but learn to make the best of every day and live life to the fullest. You can too, just start the process of knowing yourself and who you are from the inside out. Keep it simple and live for today and be kind to yourself (and others too).  Life is what you make of it. Find your happiness, it’s your choice. Remember only you can change yourself and your view of the world… the power is within YOU!  So be happy, smile and enjoy your life!   

I invite you to have a virtual cup of coffee with me

Create an excellent week ~ Bonnie

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