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Many have made wealth building one of their resolutions for the New Year, and for good reason, the stock market is in the midst of one of the best starts in history. There is certainly much excitement surrounding the stock market right now, and if you are invested you are probably also feeling good that you are making money due to the market moving to the upside. As any experienced investor knows, times like these can change quickly. Tell me, will you be ready if and when the market begins to fall or when the market feels like a roller coaster ride begins again? It may begin later than sooner but you’d be wise to start right now in planning with a watchful eye so you are prepared to take action when the ride becomes bumpy.

To be ahead of any change in the market you want to keep a level head. When challenging times arrive it’s important to your success to learn how to manage your emotions within the ebb and flow of investing. It’s only natural to become excited about the current state of the market but a wise investor knows that wealth and well-being go together. If you adopt this mindset throughout your wealth journey you will be more than ready for any adversity when challenging times occur. Staying calm with a spirit of balance can help you overcome any situation because you are approaching the ups and downs calmly and with a positive attitude instead of the feeling of anxiousness or overwhelmed by circumstances you have no control over. Keeping your emotional self together in a calm manner can make all the difference when seeking to make intelligent investment decisions.

Wouldn’t you like to feel great and to live a life without fear and anxiety? Emotions range from one end of the spectrum to the other and it’s quite easy to get lost in them if you aren’t aware of how yours impact your life. New Year’s resolutions are wonderful but taking care of mental and emotional health is important every day of the year. Building your wealth will require a systematic approach. What I’ve done within my own journey is to add a simple checklist in different areas of my life to help raise my awareness for what changes I need to make so that I continue improving when those anxious moments creep in. I’ve found just in the past few weeks that these moments have become shorter and shorter and the list has actually helped me increase my life balance and inner peace faster.

There are other steps you can take that will help you in gaining more inner peace you are seeking. You can also feel better by including daily rituals into your life. I have daily rituals I follow, such as journaling, working out, and listening to music.  So, how do you start?  Picture your ideal self, and then break down the steps needed to get from where you are now to that ideal person you picture. You want to stay realistic and create a plan that will help push through each step and through days of overwhelm without stress. Don’t make things more complicated than they need to be or you may find yourself not sticking with your plan. You want to approach each of your goals in a manner that will empower you.

When it comes to your wealth journey, you will want to view your finances in a way that doesn’t cause stress or anxiety and will allow you to map out a plan that works with your vision not against it. If you approach your plan in this manner you will place yourself in a position of strength and become able to make difficult decisions easier; which, in turn, will increase your ability to handle any change within the investment climate in a calm strategic manner thus moving even closer to your investment goals. This ideal may seem out of reach at times but stick with it. A well thought out investment plan along with good investment habits and a strong money mindset will be the tools you need in order to meet challenges without stress, frustration, and overwhelm. The feeling of more inner peace will be well worth all of your effort.

Nothing is beyond your reach when learning to shift your money mindset. First, learn to focus on what makes you feel good and help keep your spirits up for doing so will keep you from feeling uncomfortable or confused. When you are relaxed and confident you are in the flow and can’t help but feel good especially when you remember that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to.

I thought it would be good to share some of my thoughts and a few investment tips on how to handle a stormy stock market environment when large up and down swings so you can keep avoiding that feeling of being out of balance.

A great place to start is to become informed about your investments. Where do you get your financial updates? Are you confident that your current investment strategy will do well when the stock market is not rising?  By reviewing your portfolio now, you can be more comfortable with your investment holdings and avoid unnecessary stress. Now is not the time to walk away and hide. Now is the time to take a sincere interest in what is happening so you can make informed decisions about what needs to change.

If you oversee your own investments then you want to have an investment strategy in place that will meet your needs over time. Begin with a diversified portfolio that suits your needs within a time frame that will help you meet your goals and objectives.

A good investment strategy also starts with a clearly defined objective. Your strategy needs to be flexible and allows you the ability to exit quickly in order to reduce your exposure if the stock market starts to fall.  Lock in some of your profits. You never go broke taking a profit.

You also could seek the personalized advice of an investment professional to answer your specific questions one-on-one.  What is the review process that you have in place for your investment portfolio?  Do you have a strategy to manage risk? You can review your portfolio or have a professional do this for you.  Simple changes in your current portfolio can help you cut your risk and increase the potential return.

Below are some investment tips to start you on the right path for building wealth.

11 Simple Investment Tips To Increase Your Investment Success

  1. Be willing to invest in you for your well-being and inner peace. Work on you as part of your everyday life and reap the benefits.
  2. Track your investments to see how they are performing on your phone or the internet. One of my favorite free resources is Yahoo ( If you have an iPhone download the application “Stocks”. You can follow the market activity easily, your favorite ETFs, stocks and mutual funds to see how much they are rising or falling.
  3. Diversify your investments that include a broad mix of stocks and bonds. As you grow older it’s a good idea to move your assets into less-risky investments. A quick rule of thumb is to have an allocation to bonds that is equal to your age.
  4. Don’t let one investment make or break your investment account. Something you didn’t expect could occur at any time.
  5. Make your investment decisions with the current trend of the market. Your risk is larger when you go against the trend. If you do, don’t marry your investment. Get in and get out quickly.
  6. Have a flexible portfolio that is liquid. Keep your entire portfolio in mind when making changes in your investment portfolio.
  7. Manage Your Risk. Know in advance how much risk that you are willing to take.
  8. Have a plan to protect your winning investments. With a simple exit strategy of raising your exit point as your stock moves higher, you will let your profits run.
  9. Avoid big losses to achieve consistent gains.  Cut your losses quickly so they don’t get out of control. Make it a priority to protect your investments before they move too far against you.
  10. Don’t get into the mentality of not wanting to take a loss. It takes 100% profit to cover a 50% loss.
  11. Review your investment portfolio to see if any individual stock, an exchange-traded fund (ETF), or bond position exceeds 5% of your overall portfolio. If it’s not performing, or it’s too volatile consider reducing at least part of your investment.

Start using just a few of these tips now, and see how your perception about money starts to change. Make it a practice to spend some time watching your money so that you will be prepared for changes that occur and you are ready for potential decisions that may arise so you are able to make those informed decisions with a calm spirit. Even small changes in your portfolio can have a positive impact. When you take care of your inner well-being your ability to handle the ups and downs of the market will become easier over time. Changes don’t have to be all at once and can easily be broken down into even smaller tasks over time. If you find that you are still feeling a bit unsure of your path to wealth, remember you can step away and get some help to guide you through the process. Stop hiding or avoiding talking about money. You don’t have to feel stressed or overwhelmed by it, you truly can build your wealth with confidence and inner peace.  Decide today that NOW is the time to feel good about money. I’m here to help you on your journey to wealth.

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When was the last time you celebrated a milestone that had real meaning to you? One you can look back upon with fond remembrance. If one doesn’t come to mind it may be time to ask why. Three highly treasured milestones that come to my mind is when I went to dinner with my mom after I made her a millionaire, bowling my first 300, and holding my first book “Journey to Wealth” in my hand. I still smile whenever I think of those moments. Sometimes the word milestone can be overwhelming but I’m here to tell you attaining them can be fun while you fully enjoy the process along the way.

Remember too they become much sweeter when you celebrate your milestone once it becomes a reality.

Now, what about you? Are you going through the motions of each day or are you living a joyous life, filled with happiness, fun, and inner peace? Living life to its fullest helps if you are passionate about what you do. When you make a commitment, are loyal, and find others who are the same to you that’s when good things happen. Achieving goals, whether short, intermediate or long-term gives a feeling of accomplishment, and confidence. I have discovered time and time again that some of my greatest challenges have served as great motivation and inspiration along the way. 

Recently, I celebrated my 35th anniversary working in my corporate job. This milestone is rare in our society today. How many people do you know have been at the same company for 35 years?  This milestone was only possible through commitment, discipline, and mutual loyalty by the company and myself. A lot of change has occurred from 35 years ago, many hurdles were overcome, good times together, and many memories shared. It was an honor  I embraced and will be very grateful for forever.  What an intense feeling of accomplishment knowing I achieved 35 years of making a difference in people’s lives while helping them build wealth. It was very important for me to express my appreciation to my the colleagues and bosses who have supported me through the years.

In an effort to express my gratitude I decided to write a poem. It took me several days to find the right words (and many drafts too). Years ago, I would not have had the courage to share my feelings in such a personal way and as a result, I didn’t write or do any public speaking. What I did do was allow fear to get in the way. What helped me to break out of my comfort zone was being part of Toastmasters (an international speaking group). The experience broke the ice and greatly helped me to get over some of my worst public speaking fears. The courage to push through those challenges despite my fear only came about after attending  meetings on a consistent basis and having the discipline to stick with it no matter how I felt inside. The support I received was phenomenal and it helped be a support to others too. The experience helped me to have fun reading the poem to my colleagues all the time using hand gestures, making good eye contact, and adding humor while sharing my heartfelt words of gratitude and appreciation. That would have never been possible in years past, and putting myself out there made me smile  when I could see the poem was well received. What can you do today to move beyond your comfort zone so you too can move past your most elusive milestone? 

One way to help you discover how is to take a moment and think about what goals would bring you closer to happiness. What would inspire you so much that you would be fully committed and put yourself even closer to celebrating your own milestone? Below I’ve shared some more insights that will place you in a better position for making your dreams a reality. 

3 Simple Sure Fire Practices For Your Happiness Embracing Your Milestone

Practice Gratitude –

 Keep a gratitude journal and list those things you are grateful for. Before you go to sleep think about what good things happened during the day that brought you joy.  Practice gratitude and see the difference how you will start to shift to feeling more positive and enjoying the little things in life.

. Read a book, prepare your favorite meal, or call a friend you haven’t made the time for. Pamper yourself, light some candles and relax. Listen to your favorite relaxing music. Get a pedicure, manicure or massage. Drink some of your favorite relaxing tea, or have a cup of hot lemon water. Whatever it is, make it a priority to do something that makes you happy, something that gives you joy, something that you love, every day. 

Be quiet and stay present in the moment. You are probably busy, on the run, and you have a large to accomplish list. It’s a challenge to be still and quiet.  Make the commitment every day that you will take 5 minutes to just be. (I’m going to join you on this commitment). Allow yourself to be quiet and still. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and let it out slowly. Listen to the sounds of your body and your surroundings.  Relax and let your mind, body, and spirit be present in the moment.  Don’t focus on any thoughts about the future or the past. If they come up tell them to go away.   Allow yourself to feel the moment and relax.  Being quiet and staying present for five minutes a day goes a long way to relieve stress, giving you a sense of peace, and re-energizing your mind and spirit.

What goals are you working on? Is there anything you have had on the back burner you desire but need to apply more discipline and consistency? The time is now, don’t wait, and enjoy the journey! Apply the above three simple practices. Remember to incorporate gratitude, do something you love every day to make you happy, and be silent as you stay present in the moment. Start by discovering what you love to do and you find yourself celebrating many more successes as you reach the milestones within your life. 



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Life has a funny way of causing you to grow. I’ve noticed over the years that you either get the lesson or situations will keep appearing until you do. One of the best decisions I did in my life almost eight years ago was when I was asked, “Why are you so negative”? This question was the turning point for me to realize it was time to become committed to my own personal growth. At some deep level I understood I needed to create changes within my outlook that would release my negativity so I could begin living a healthier happier life. Since then I’ve worked at becoming a better person and enjoying life more. There is still more to be done but I can say that now I’m less stressed, more fit, and feel a sense of freedom that had escaped me.  Magic happens when you get out of your own way. This path of growth hasn’t always been easy (and I have had plenty of bumps along the way) but it’s a journey well worth the effort.

If your life isn’t where you had hoped and you find yourself struggling, tell me, what would it be like for you to have your days filled with better health, more wealth, and an abundance of happiness? What would you change in order to live the life you desire? At times it can appear well beyond your reach, but you can create all these things and more by being the best you can be right now. Nothing more, your best self at this very moment, and then the next moment after that. Change can be overwhelming and I’ve found small steps get better results.

. The more you know and understand about yourself the better. Happiness is a choice, and the journey begins as a result of the decisions you make along the way. Better information will allow you to make better choices.

Taking the first steps toward creating your ideal life might seem challenging but the effort is rewarding when you do what is needed and follow through. What you will want to focus on next is the process of investing in your personal growth and overall well-being. Empower yourself by deciding within your mind and heart you will do the work now. You are past settling for what simply comes your way. Now is the time to harness your inner power. Look around and you will see many opportunities available right at your fingertips. All you have to do is grab them and they will help get you there. It’s time to put energy and effort into yourself. You are worth it! Let today be the day you invest in you.

We are all a work in progress. There is no reason to wish when you can take a proactive part in making your dreams a reality and live life to the fullest. There will be those that oppose you but don’t give up on your dreams. Practice will get you where you want to be.

Once your momentum gets going you will love seeing your progress and the benefits you’ll experience from investing in your inner growth. The best part is you don’t have to do it alone. You can find supportive people you trust and feel comfortable around to help you along the way. Make the intention and someone will appear in your life exactly at the right time.  You know the old saying “When the student is ready the teacher appears”. It’s so true! Out of the blue, when you least expect them to arrive there they are. This was my experience while on my well-being journey of self-discovery and it can happen to you too. Keep your eyes and your heart open, opportunities are everywhere.

Below are many of the important lessons I’ve learned along the way. Pick a few to focus on and share your results. Thank you for being in my community. I’m here for you.

27 Simple Tips to Improve Your Personal Growth and Well-Being.

  1. Enjoy the simple things in life.
  2. Smile more.
  3. Get enough sleep.
  4. Do something every day that excites you.
  5. Learn something new whenever possible.
  6. Take time for you.
  7. Read or listen to a mp3 or audio to gain wisdom as much as you can.
  8. Write down a reasonable long-term goal to inspire and motivate you.
  9. Do one thing each day that brings you closer to your goal.
  10. Take an action now on something you’ve been thinking about for a long time you have wanted to accomplish.
  11. Help other people.
  12. Connect with an old friend you haven’t talked to in years.
  13. Deepen your relationship with your friends and family, and remember to support others and make new friends.
  14. Move your body each day.
  15. Nourish your body with healthy foods. Be mindful of what you are eating.
  16. Spend a few quiet minutes taking time for you each day.
  17. Look for solutions to problems.
  18. Surround yourself with positive people.
  19. Listen to music, it can be very soothing to your soul. Spend time outside in nature.
  20. Take time off to refresh and relax.
  21. Get up early, when everyone is sleeping and do what you love.
  22. Appreciate what you have.
  23. Focus on what is positive.  Don’t dwell on the negative.
  24. Write 6 things each night you want to accomplish the next day.
  25. Challenge yourself by going outside your comfort zone.
  26. Don’t wallow in your mistakes. Instead, learn from them. This is how you grow.
  27. Invest in yourself without hesitation.

To your health, wealth, and happiness,


Bonnie Gortler
The Inspired Wealth and Well-Being Coach


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No one really knows if the old adage sell and go away in May will hold true for 2017. What is known is May has begun quietly as the S&P 500 remains in a narrow trading range on less than inspiring momentum. However, the present tape action is a far cry from bear market action.

The technology sector continues to soar to new highs. In the 02/16/17/ Issue of Systems and Forecasts I brought attention to the possibility of another leg up for Technology, revisiting the article on 01/13/17 “Breakout in Technology Looms”, QQQ looked poised for a breakout. This indeed has occurred. The QQQ original objective was 130.00, followed by 139.00.  On 05/09/17 the QQQ made an intra-day high of 138.93, meeting the upside objective.


The Tape Remains Mostly Bullish

PowerShares QQQ ETF (Nasdaq 100 Index)
Weekly Price and Trend Channels
(Top), and MACD 12-26-9 (Bottom)


The top part of the chart shows the weekly Power Shares 100 (QQQ), an exchange-traded fund based on the Nasdaq 100 Index and its operative trend channel.  The QQQ includes 100 of the largest domestic and international nonfinancial companies listed on the Nasdaq stock market based on market capitalization.  The top holdings are Apple, (AAPL), Microsoft Corp (MSFT),, Inc. (AMZN), Facebook, (FB) and Alphabet Inc. (GOOG) and all have been climbing.

The Nasdaq 100 (QQQ), led by Apple is red-hot and looks as if there is more room to the upside.  In the latest issue, I pointed out it’s necessary to watch and see if MACD made a higher high or if MACD turns down. Notice the lower chart.  MACD made a new high confirming the high made by QQQ. This confirmation suggests the odds favor an extension of the rise and has bullish implications going forward over the next several weeks to months.  Any weakness now should be contained and only be temporary before another rally attempt would occur.

If the QQQ falls below support at 129.00, just under where the QQQ consolidated early this year, much more caution is necessary.

In Sum:

The QQQ intermediate uptrend remains in effect (orange line). The upside target for the QQQ is 157.00.  The breakout is in process. Time is now on the side of the bulls.

Apple Charges Ahead Leading the Technology Sector Higher

The top half is a price chart showing the weekly high-low-close of Apple since April 2014.  Apple was out of favor in 2015, until June 2016 when investors selling turned into buying.  A clear uptrend is in effect (black line). As long as Apple is above the trend line, the intermediate trend is up.

Apple has had explosive momentum in 2017, going from 117.91 to 154.08, a gain of 30.68 %. Notice how Apple this week has penetrated the upper channel. This is a bullish breakout giving a new channel upside objective to 175.00 (orange line).  A test of the breakout could occur in the near term, amounting to only 2.00% – 3.00%.  However the recent thrust suggests the advance will continue and declines would be very minor.

The bottom half of the chart is MACD (12-26-9), a technical indicator that measures momentum. MACD has confirmed the Apple’s price high (green circle) similar to the QQQ.  A solid uptrend remains intact.

Summing Up:

Our equity models remain overall neutral–bullish, a potentially favorable market climate, although there has been an increase in risk. Technology stocks remain the leader supporting the overall market.  MACD on the Nasdaq 100 (QQQ) and Apple (AAPL) has confirmed the recent price highs. The intermediate uptrend in Nasdaq (QQQ) and Apple (AAPL) are solidly intact.  The Nasdaq 100 (QQQ) has an upside target of 157.00 and Apple has an upside target to 175.00.  This could be the year where you don’t want to go away and sell in May.

I would love to hear from you. Please call me at 516-829-6444 or email at to share your thoughts or ask me any questions you might have.

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*******Article published by Bonnie Gortler in Systems and Forecasts May 11, 2017


Disclaimer: Although the information is made with a sincere effort for accuracy, it is not guaranteed that the information provided is a statement of fact. Nor can we guarantee the results of following any of the recommendations made herein. Readers are encouraged to meet with their own advisors to consider the suitability of investments for their own particular situations and for determination of their own risk levels. Past performance does not guarantee any future results.

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The short-term decline in April has ended.  The Nasdaq, S&P 500 and Russell 2000 all successfully tested key support levels this past week.  The recent news of possible tax cuts sooner rather than later, an optimistic perceived outcome to the election in Europe, and a good start to the earning season has spurred a potential new leg of the advance.   Overhead resistance on some indices exists.   However, the Nasdaq 100 (QQQ) has made a new high, has broken through resistance giving new upside projections, which could carry the overall market higher for the next several months.   More time is needed to know if other averages will follow suit or if the present rally will fizzle.   However my prediction is there is more room to the upside.

Technology leads the way.

PowerShares QQQ ETF (Nasdaq 100 Index) Weekly Price and Trend Channels (Top), and MACD 12-26-9 (Bottom)

The top part of the chart shows the weekly Power Shares 100 (QQQ), an exchange-traded fund based on the Nasdaq 100 Index and its operative trend channel.  The QQQ includes 100 of the largest domestic and international nonfinancial companies listed on the Nasdaq stock market based on market capitalization.  As of 04/24/17, Apple, (AAPL) is the largest holding comprising 11.84%, Microsoft Corp (MSFT) 8.20%,, Inc. (AMZN) 6.80%, Facebook, Inc. Class A (FB) 5.38%, Alphabet Inc. Class C (GOOG) 4.70%, and Alphabet Inc. Class A (GOOGL), 4.10% totaling 41.02%

The QQQ has been rock solid this year, leading in relative strength vs. the S&P 500, and up almost twice the gains of the S&P 500.  The QQQ has slightly penetrated the middle channel after a 9-week consolidation, where the QQQ traded between 129.38 and 134.00 (the red circle), now trading at 135.14.  The bullish outcome is not a surprise.  (See my article in the 03/15/17 Systems and Forecasts: Weekly MACD confirms the advance: Higher prices anticipated).  The next upside target is 157.00, a 16.2% gain from present levels. The intermediate trend remains up as long as the QQQ remains above the up trendline line (orange).

Because the initial upside thrust since the election was so strong, the expectation the first decline wouldn’t be significant is exactly what has occurred.  The present breakout needs to be watched closer.  Keep an eye on how Apple (AAPL) performs, the largest holding of QQQ.  If the Nasdaq continues to show leadership, making new highs, then it could support the market and help the technology sector over the next several months.  

On the other hand, if the QQQ falls below 129.00, retracing its recent gains, a warning sign of a potential change of trend would be given.  If the QQQ falls below 125.00 breaking the uptrend, (orange line) more caution would be warranted with possibly a larger correction on the horizon than the decline in April.

The bottom half of the chart is MACD (12, 26, 9), a measure of momentum.  It was a bullish MACD pattern that confirmed the price high made in QQQ in February 2017, before the recent consolidation.  The uptrend remains in effect (pink-line).  The QQQ has made a new high.  If MACD turns down failing to make a new high, a negative divergence would occur.  Over the next several weeks watch to see if MACD makes a higher high.  This would be bullish.  If MACD turns down, this would complete the negative divergence pattern and would be considered bearish. 

Summing Up:

Our models remain overall neutral-positive for the intermediate term which means upside potential remains greater than downside risk.  Technology stocks continue to lead the market higher.  After many weeks of consolidation and weakening momentum, the Nasdaq 100 (QQQ) has broken through resistance giving new upside projections to 157.00 which could carry the overall market higher for the next several months.  The advance seems to be broadening.  Market breadth is improving, financials and small caps have come to life again gaining in relative strength. These are all signs of a healthy market.  The intermediate uptrend in Nasdaq (QQQ) price and in MACD is intact.  If the uptrend is broken on either price or MACD more caution will be necessary, as the odds would increase the advance will fizzle and no longer sizzle. For now, the bulls remain in control, continue to enjoy the ride. 

I would love to hear from you. Please call me at 516-829-6444 or email at to share your thoughts or ask me any questions you might have.

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Top 10 Investing Tips To More Wealth

*******Article published by Bonnie Gortler in Systems and Forecasts April 27, 2017

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Disclaimer: Although the information is made with a sincere effort for accuracy, it is not guaranteed that the information provided is a statement of fact. Nor can we guarantee the results of following any of the recommendations made herein. Readers are encouraged to meet with their own advisors to consider the suitability of investments for their own particular situations and for determination of their own risk levels. Past performance does not guarantee any future results.


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Admit it, you’re stressed and sometimes feel overwhelmed to the point where it seems as though there is no end to all the busyness.  Time is such a precious commodity and also highly coveted when you discover there isn’t enough of it within the day to accomplish what you want to do.  Tell me, when was the last time you did something to inspire you and make you feel good? If you’re like most professionals it’s been longer than you can remember. Redirecting your focus toward your well-being is an important step in helping you to relax, have fun, and feel increased inner peace. When you do, you “get in the zone of life”, which inspires confidence and brings balance so everything within work and home flows better. Doing what you love makes every part of your life better and can greatly impact how you experience your world. Don’t wait weeks and months to pass by. Now is the time to take action! You only need to redirect your attention to receive the maximum benefits. 

How you create a balance between your personal obligations and work demands makes the difference in how quickly you get in the zone of life and begin doing more of what you love to do. Striking a balance between the two will allow you to start doing what you love to do NOW instead of later and also add an abundance of tranquility and inner peace within your life. Start the process by acknowledging there is work to be done and decide you will schedule time in your day solely dedicated to those things that bring you joy. Schedule some “me time”. You deserve fun in your life. You can choose to experience these times of dedicated joy alone, with family, or with friends. What matters most is you spend the time. Your brain needs to decompress and to get away from it all too; and there is nothing better than a juicy chapter in a book, listening to music, a short or long vacation, or starting the day in meditation watching the sunrise to renew your spirit and well-being.

Carving out time is one area you will need to plan to really get in the zone of life. You also want to learn how to be in the now so you can fully enjoy the experience instead of think of those things causing you stress. This can be more than challenging especially if you are in the habit of being “on” all the time or you put a lot of pressure on yourself.  I know this feeling well and the challenge for me was in quieting my brain enough so I could fully enjoy my “me” time. I found myself time and again getting caught up in the moment and feeling fearful wondering what someone might be saying and or even judging myself on what I was doing (or not doing) at the time. I wasn’t in the zone of life. What worked for me was practice and meditation.  I made it a priority to schedule the time to focus training my mind to silence those thoughts so I could learn to enjoy more what was right in front of me. This has made a world of difference. I’m less stressed and have a better handle on those feelings of overwhelm. (I’m not perfect, I do have times where I slip up). What I realized was I didn’t know how to fully embrace my “me” time experience before moving on to something else. Those feelings of peace and tranquility alluded me until I learned the importance to celebrate my successes each step of the way. It’s OK to put yourself first and to meet your get in the zone of life goal.  Pat yourself on your back and enjoy your moment of greatness in what you have created. You’re worth it!

Another barrier to getting into the zone of life is focused misdirection. In the past, I would create large lists of all the things I had to do. Large never ending lists on various pieces of paper (all of which was overwhelming in itself), scratchpads, or within notebooks. I found I would focus on these various lists and the many minute details within each task. These unfinished lists turned into me resisting action because I kept telling myself I can’t’, I’m afraid, and/or it’s not good enough. As a result, I turned to food when feeling stressed and fearful. I was so overwhelmed by what I had to do I was unable to create the positive momentum needed in order to even start. I was sabotaging myself over and over again to the point it would take months to take a small step forward on projects I really wanted to do. I would worry about the future and focus on what could go wrong. I would get angry at myself and then find myself frustrated. Totally not a good place to be! Don’t do like I did. There was no benefit to these choices.  Decide now you will focus on your most important item first. Breathe deeply and re-center if you find yourself falling back into old habits. Learn to embrace the process by not focusing on the end result but by focusing on the one specific task at hand. Step into your fear a little bit at a time and you will be able to take on later. Remember to focus more on what you want, instead of what you don’t want.  I had to learn worry won’t make things happen faster or make things better. Use your time redirecting your focus by visualizing the positives that will come from you moving through your fear and stepping forward toward completion. When you let go of the fear, relax your mind, and learn to trust yourself and others, you will get in your zone and become a believer in all you can do. This alone can have a major impact in your life. It’s something you will need to work on and I’ve put together some additional ideas to help you when you are not in balance and allow you to get into the zone so you can live life to the fullest.

 11 Easy Ways How You Quickly Get in the Zone of Life

  1. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Many times, what is bothering you isn’t really very important and work itself out within a few days.
  2. Relax instead of worry. Be grateful for what you have, and make choices to do what you love to do.
  3. Take better care of you. Get to know yourself better giving you more confidence in your professional and personal life.
  4. Write down your favorite way to spend the day, and then schedule an appointment with yourself on your calendar. For example: Have a spa day, or buy yourself a gift you have wanted for a long time and haven’t given yourself the permission to buy.
  5. Shift your mindset to a more positive one. If you are feeling a little down, grab your pen and paper. Create a list of 10 things to make you smile. Choose one and do it.
  6. Soothe your soul with something you love, gives you a big pick me up, and a burst of energy.
  7. Do the kindest thing you can do for yourself if you are sad, or maybe in pain whether it’s physical or emotional.  My favorite thing is to begin each day with soft spiritual music, and finish my week with a clean desk at work, and have a 2-hour massage.  
  8. Don’t ever give up on your dreams or goals. Believe miracles happen each and every day.
  9. Be positive and enthusiastic.  Don’t complain, instead smile and be the one who brightens up a room when you are around others.
  10. Be brave. Go out of your comfort zone.  Keep it simple. You can do anything you set your mind to. 
  11. Make it a habit each day of doing one act of kindness for other people. You can change their life. They will feel good and you will too.

After you’ve started the process you may find you are at a point where you are not making progress in getting into the zone of life. If this does happen then I urge you to keep pushing forward and to refocus your attention on the feelings of success you’ve experienced in the past. You may not see it but you have made progress in making creating a shift in your life. Keep in mind it takes the time to change habits you have developed over a lifetime and may not have been in your best interest because you are now shifting the tides within an ocean has only brought you stress and overwhelm. Decide today you deserve fewer struggles, more enjoyment in life, and to feel real inner peace. Don’t allow your schedule to be so full you aren’t putting you and your well-being first. Stop worrying about the future and what might happen. Avoid focusing on your fear and focus on getting into the zone of life! I have learned from experience stepping into the fear and allowing yourself to feel it creates inner growth faster than if you simply do nothing. It takes practice and patience with you to break the cycle and by deciding to “do it (as my coach says) will put action behind the fear and push it out of the way. Once you take action, you will get better and better at it and in time your fear dissipates. By digging deep for your inner courage, you will discover it will become second nature to you and with each new challenge you will be stronger and better equipped. Overcome your initial feelings of fear by asking for help and turning to someone who supports you such as a friend, an accountability partner, or an experienced coach. When you take action, you will be amazed at how you good feel. 

You have a choice every day on how you will handle and the attitude you will embrace for what shows up in your life. Decide today to look for what you can learn and choose to only focus on what is positive. Don’t get caught up in frustration, anger, or lose focus on those negative thoughts coming into your mind. It’s a waste of valuable time and good energy. Train yourself to stop for a moment, take a long deep breath, and refocus your attention on what you want. Get into the zone of life by knowing what is important to you and put yourself in the mix by carving out time for doing what you love to do. Making this adjustment in your life will create more wealth and well-being so you can live a lifestyle filled with the happiness, inner peace, and all the freedom you want and desire. 


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Life is filled with twists and turns. Taking small actions toward what you want to achieve can create a new perspective on how you go about achieving your hopes, dreams, and aspirations. Have you or someone you’ve known ever challenged you to create goals beyond what you had imagined you could do? I know I have, and it’s made all the difference in my life! Goal setting is not rocket science but why go about it the same way over and over again? One of the best approaches I’m learning to help you succeed is to focus on improving your weaknesses so they become your strengths. You can do this by putting a plan in place that will keep things fresh and will help you feel renewed. Start by deciding that during this process of growth you are going to have fun, choose to be happy and do what your heart wants you to do. Life is short and can pass us by pretty fast so you want to take care of yourself and not spend too much time sweating the small stuff.

If you find yourself needing to pull yourself out of a funk, you can do so by changing your mindset and by shifting the language you use. It all starts with you accepting things for what they are.  Seeing life with all its ups and downs allows you to make better decisions about your plan of action. This small exercise will unlock your inner peace and is a great way to center your thoughts so you can begin finding the answers that will turn your weaknesses into new strengths, and also allow you to enjoy each day. 

When I started on my well-being journey I never imagined what an impact a change in perspective could be. The power to believe, added with simple consistent action steps has lead me to discover new strengths which had been hidden from my view.  The writing was never my strong point, math was. I didn’t even have to write a business letter in my corporate job, and my boss would put together the proposals to prospective clients so I didn’t get much practice. I do remember as a child that I did love writing letters to my teachers, friends, and family thanking them for their love and support.

As I grew life changed, I found other interests, that didn’t include writing.  A breakthrough appeared when one of my coaches gave me the assignment to write a poem. I wrote back to her expressing my apprehension with a big “Are You Kidding Me?” She wrote back and said, no she was not kidding and that I could do it. Yikes! I remember the fear and worry that filled my spirit. It was crazy that my coach had more belief I could write a poem than I did in myself. Instead of saying “I can’t” (one of my favorite answers before I started coaching), I dug deep and found the courage to move beyond my comfort zone and I started to write.  

Little did I know how much fun the process would be. It has opened up a new set of possibilities both personally and professionally. I learned when you find the courage to do something and continue to do it you gain a sense of confidence that spills over into all areas of your life. When I grow hesitant about trying something beyond my comfort zone, I do my best to remember back how fear used to fill me and how the flood of overwhelm would be so strong it would leave me paralyzed. Then I remind myself how I overcame all of that by finding the courage within myself to push through. This is something that has helped me time and time again. We all need a bit of encouragement and to help you make the shift take a moment and read my poem The Power of Inner Peace is Within Reach. My hope is you will realize all you can accomplish by changing your old way of thinking so you will explore new opportunities.

Putting myself out there in such a way was quite a challenge, especially since I knew that writing was not a strength I possessed. It was five years ago when I wrote that poem and had the courage to share on my blog. It taught me a valuable lesson in trusting myself and in the process of cultivating my untapped abilities. It goes to show you the power of how one thing can lead into another so that you can grow into who you are meant to be. Which, by the way, later on, another seed was planted by my mentor, when she said to me “you have a book in you.”  What? Writing a poem was such stretch that I laughed at the idea of writing a book. It was only with the support of my coach and working on having a positive mindset that I was able to discover that there really was a book in me when I published “Journey to Wealth”.  It took time and plenty of revisions but I’m proud to say it’s published and available on Amazon. Who knew? I didn’t, that’s for sure! Don’t doubt yourself. Your thoughts and perspective make a huge difference in what you do, Unlock the strength inside of you and take the steps needed so you can move forward today with a healthy outlook. 

How to Turn Your Weaknesses into Strengths

  1. Realize the impact of attitude on life. Raise your awareness to what your weakness might be and accept them, instead of going to the place of frustration.
  2. Ask someone you can trust for help that has done what you want to do.
  3. Start with doing one simple step. Practice to gain confidence and get better and better each day.
  4. Don’t take criticism or feedback personally. Not everyone is going to like what you do. Ask yourself what you can learn from the feedback that has been given to you.
  5. Change your thought process to think solutions. Focus on how to fix the problem, not on the obstacle. Don’t stay in a place of anger and keep focusing on what is negative, focus on what is positive
  6. Believe in Yourself. You are ready for unexpected challenges that arise. Think back to those challenges you already have handled in your life.
  7. Learn from your past mistakes, don’t beat yourself up, press on.

Start today by doing something you have never done before. The time has come for you to break through your challenges and gain a new perspective that will empower your new way of thinking. Do this by creating a plan and make it simple enough for you to follow. Revise as needed so you will stick with it. When you put in the effort to master a new skill, you will become excited again. The energy and revitalization you feel inside as you chart a new course in your life will become the foundation that will enable you to do even more. An opportunity exists at every turn. Take advantage of it. Create change in your life with small actions steps that move you closer to increased wealth and well-being. Living inside your comfort zone is not a good option if you want to find the fulfilled happiness you deserve. When you start to turn your weaknesses into strengths there are brighter days ahead so you can experience all richness life has to offer. 

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All of us have moments where challenges exist, however it’s how they are handled that moves us closer to our dreams, goals, and aspirations. Are you aware that your thoughts help you create the amount of happiness that shows up within your life? Life is lived at it’s fullest when you are in control of your thoughts and your reaction to the obstacles that show up. What helps most is learning the valuable lesson of being fully present in the now and not worrying about the future.

It takes commitment but you can decide that you are going to make a mental shift and start each day with a positive outlook; doing so will cultivate a multitude of calm positive thoughts and make your day that much more peaceful by bringing you more joy. Changing your mood or attitude requires that you align your thoughts, control your emotions, and not wallow in the negative. As life happens, you will notice that there may be more than just a few bumps in the road and those bumps may even get in the way of your progress, but remember that this is just part of the journey. You may even discover during these rough patches that you feel sad or even a bit deflated. It’s quite alright to feel this way but do not take on the victim role for too long because negative feelings will soon begin to take over your life. Once they become part of your everyday experience it becomes even more challenging to reach for and achieve the dreams your heart desires.

“All of our dreams can come true if we
have the courage to pursue them”
~Walt Disney

DoubtChanging one’s mindset is never easy. Tell me something; are you ready to live a happier life? Are you willing to create the lifestyle you most desire, are you willing to make the change today? It takes courage to get out of your comfort zone. Perhaps negative feelings have taken over and you are making more of a situation than what it really is. Are you caught in a cycle of judging yourself and thereby creating excess worry? This is an easy trap to fall into. It is important to know that you have the ultimate control over how you deal with the challenges that come your way. When you find yourself where the day doesn’t flow very well and your goals remain undone, don’t get to a point in your mental space where you see yourself throwing your hands up in the air and giving up. Don’t dwell on the negative by letting your mind wander and think about everything you have to do (I fall into this trap) because you will be using precious energy on the things you can’t control instead of using it to focus on reaching the goals you have set for yourself. If and when you are in this place, don’t stay there for long. Instead allow yourself some space and refocus. You will happily discover that this is a healthier approach which will increase your productivity and give yourself the positive outlook you need in order to meet even more challenges head on. You can’t be your best self when you are telling yourself you have to do this and you have to do that.  Learn to use your inner voice to motivate you and take you to new heights. Once put into practice, you’ll smile more and get more done.

To create a shift in your thoughts, think about something that brings you endless joy.
One way to create a shift that my coach taught me is to visualize a happy experience in my mind. One that you can not only see with your mind but feel with your body. Maybe it was a day at the park. Remember the experience but also make sure that you feel the sun on your skin, or think back to how the wind blew through your hair. It doesn’t matter the event, only that you can actively call upon that joyous time at will. One of my favorite scenarios is to picture myself lying on a lounge chair in Aruba on a beautiful sunny day, listening to calming music while reading a book. Another way I create a mind shift is to sit on the floor with some quiet music and just be still. Yes, my thoughts wander, however I use the time to focus on my breathing. I’ve found that by quieting my mind, I’ve shifted my thoughts to a place of calm and experience even greater feelings of peace. This is a great way of dealing with stress and it is also useful during those times when your mind is overcome with all the things you have to do. Now it’s your turn. Try being still, even if it’s just for one minute, and see with your mind the happiest experience you’ve had and notice the difference in how you feel. If you’re like me, you’ll feel a sense of calm overtake your entire body, you’ll feel lighter, and you may even feel a bit of a twinge in your heart. Take note of these feelings for they are a sign that your mind and body have reconnected and you are now ready to move forward. A positive mindset can take you far. Do what you need to do in order to live your best life! Below are a few more tips to help bring even greater happiness to your life and assist you in achieving more than you ever thought possible. Give them a try and make sure to send me a note and share your experience. I’d love to hear 😉

10 Easy Ways How to Shift Your Thoughts to Happier Ones  

  1. Start and end your day with a positive thought
  2. Be kind, gentle and have patience with yourself.
  3. Don’t worry about the past that doesn’t serve you. There is no benefit, it’s an old belief that you are holding on to, let it go.
  4. Believe in your ability. Take one action now, if the outcome is not up to your expectation tweak it, until you succeed at your goal.
  5. Don’t beat yourself up for not being perfect. Learn from the lessons. Making a mistake is OK.
  6. Take more action and the more success you will have. Go for it! If you do nothing, you stay in the same place as you are.
  7. Never give up on your dreams. Dream Big!
  8. Do what makes you happy and what you are passionate about.
  9. Stretch yourself, go out of your comfort zone.  If you need assistance reach out for some support from a coach. Someone who will encourage, listens, doesn’t judge you and you can trust.
  10. Say yes to what will move you closer to your goal even if you feel some fear.

trust the process

Well, what do you think? Are the tips I’ve shared something that you can put into place within your life? Now is the perfect time to decide you are going to make a commitment to create more happiness within your life. The power to create such change is held within your thoughts and in all the actions that follow. Think positive thoughts and propel yourself as you move each day even closer to your goals. You don’t need to have all your answers in advance. Keep in mind that it’s those hardship filled experiences that teach us the most invaluable lessons. Don’t give up when you feel challenged or are unsure, instead dig down deep and push yourself to keep going forward. Decide to take that next action step toward the goal you desire to reach. Only you can make your dreams a reality! Remember that you are in control of your life, nobody else. You have the power at any time to make the choices that will shift your thoughts. If you can believe it, you can achieve it.

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