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Shifting Your Money MindsetHow much of a difference would a shift in your thinking help in making 2017 your best financial year? Would you be willing to make the change? Especially if you knew it would give you some peace of mind when it comes to your money situation. Would you be willing to do what it takes to improve your circumstances? Hopefully, you’ve answered yes. Please understand that though there are many choices there is one thing that will reap you the largest return and that is to… INVEST IN YOU!!

You can start your journey toward change by learning to separate fact from fiction and by taking responsibility for your actions as you move away from getting caught up with decisions based solely on your emotions. You need to be clear headed if you plan to actually seize the opportunities that unfold and you cannot do so if you are always in reaction mode. You must be proactive in making solid decisions based on real data not on what you ‘wish’ or ‘hope’ for. When you focus on positive thoughts you can also create goals that will inspire you to save and invest. Learn to open your mind and educate yourself by reading, asking questions, and then reading some more. Do your best to immerse yourself in understanding the areas in your life that continue to elude your grasp. Your full attention is required if you expect to master your weak spots. This is especially true when it comes to finances since so many mistakes I see people make are due to their lack of knowledge. Don’t worry, I don’t expect you to take on everything at once. You can start by reading articles from magazines, trade journals and newspapers. These sources are generally well researched and prove most helpful when you arrive at those big decisions that will impact your future.

Becoming a mathematical genius, a stock market guru, or acquiring a degree in finance is NOT necessary to become prosperous. Opportunity exists at every turn if you are prepared to take advantage of it. The journey to wealth begins with a winning mindset and an understanding that every smart decision will bring you even closer to your goals, dreams, and aspirations. When done just right this will also include those financial decisions. But you have to take the first step in changing the way you look at money and how money works within your life. If you have a mental state and belief system that supports the idea “there is not enough” then you will fully live and experience a life of scarcity. Really it’s that simple. You have to shift your money mindset if you want things to be different.

I truly believe more than anything that you can do whatever your mind sets out to do. A life free from financial worry can be yours. You just need to take action so you can create the best life possible for yourself and your family. Your future is up to you! Decide what you want, never give up, and begin now to believe in YOU no matter the circumstances. I certainly do! If you have questions or concerns regarding shifting your money mindset or any area of your finances, feel free to contact me directly at

To your health, wealth and happiness,

Bonnie Gortler

The Inspired Wealth and Well-Being Coach

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It’s Labor Day, a day dedicated to those who labor, I thought I would share this video that will allow you to take full advantage of today’s theme of rest after a hard day’s work. Enjoy!

Relaxation music allows the time to be able to enjoy and become accustomed to the many benefits all driven to enhance your “well being”. If you have been following me on Twitter, then you have seen the tweet —- “Sit and be still, listen don’t do anything for five minutes. Breathe in, breathe out and follow the breaths”. So simple but what a welcomed reminder!

Take a moment for you. Be aware of the smells that surround you. Reach out, touch, listen and be grateful for who you are and all that you have. As my grandfather always said to me, ‘Bonnie, make the best of each day. Life is not perfect, challenges are always upon us, but be the best you can be.’ What a wise message for all of us to remember.

Smell the flowers that you see or imagine that are around you, and experience by reaching out to touch and feel of beauty that is deep within. You have one life to live, enjoy the moment, don’t give up, and keep your dreams alive.

Create an awesome week! ~Bonnie


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Life can be so hectic. There are plenty of surprises, both good and not so good which always occur when you least expect them. My coaches have taught me that you always have a choice. Remember to choose happiness. This can be challenging sometimes; however, you need to find a way from within to calm & sooth yourself. If you are down take some time for yourself. Do something you enjoy. You can always watch an inspiring music filled video where you can dance or listen to the music. Experience how your body feels as you are uplifted & encouraged by the sounds moving through your body. Smile, breathe in and out and feel the rhythm within you. Become free.

This is one way I choose to reconnect recharge myself. This video I’m sharing with you today is one of my favorites from Marcome, who is a Canadian singer songwriter and musician. She does a mixture of pop, world music mixed with new age, jazz, and ambient voices. Marcome is a beautiful, kind, and compassionate woman, who I met on Twitter. (@Marcome)

Do you ever let your mind wander, sit, be still, and clear your thoughts? I’ve gained great pleasure sharing her beautiful videos with you. The music combined with the images are both outstanding! So relaxing by allowing you to relax and let go. Encourage yourself at every turn. You are important and YOU matter! ~Bonnie

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Positive thinking is where you start the process of personal growth. Are you ready for a change?  What have you done today to make yourself feel proud? When you take baby steps you can accomplish your desires and will be an incredible feeling that YOU create. Sure it involves risk, as you step from the known to the unknown. Your growth will depend on your actions. In other words… doing the do.  If you need some support, a coach can help you get the results that you want.  Together you will find your inner strength that you didn’t even realize that you had and do things that you never imagined you would do. Your growth will come through your commitment to overcome your deepest challenges and fears. You can do it! I beleive in you.

Are you ready? Choose now. You only live once, and you have one life, so LIVE IT! Positive thinking all starts in your mind. Visualize what you desire, keep pushing forward and never give up.  Look for your inner guidance, learn to trust your instincts.  Keep positive in your belief that you can do it. Open your arms to change, stretch yourself, and be proud of YOU! ~Bonnie

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There are many choices of healthy food available, so why not focus on improving your well-being today. Making choices to feel good each day is simple enough to do. Start now by making the decision that your health is of the utmost importance and that you matter. You can begin the process by deciding you will eat healthier foods giving your body nutritional benefits that it deserves, so you will feel better.

Start with drinking plenty of water. A quick rule of thumb is to drink 1⁄2 of your body weight in ounces. The benefits are cumulative, since water helps detoxify the body, increases your metabolism and improves your digestive function. Create a habit of starting your day by drinking 8 ounces the moment you wake up.

No single food, vitamin or supplement that you take will provide everything you need, however choosing healthy foods and drinking plenty of water is a start that can make a huge impact on how you feel each day.

Start somewhere, take a small step to develop healthier eating habits. Think about making a few changes in what you eat that can help can fuel and benefit your body.

Some of my favorite healthy foods that you might like are  :

Almonds, walnuts, yogurt, bananas, tangerines, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, apples, cherries, grapes, pineapple, cucumbers and eating more chicken and fish instead of meat each day.

Below are 10 of the best foods by Natalie to incorporate into life style of eating. Choose from the below list what you enjoy and eat them as regularly as you incorporate them within your everyday eating.  


Top 10 Best Foods – Nutrition by Natalie


1. Eggs – They are complete proteins that are loaded with nutrients. Eggs are the same amount of protein as if you eat beef or chicken.  Many do not eat the yolk but the yolk is loaded with vitamins A, D, and E.

2. Ferment Beverages- Kefir is a drink which has live healthy bacteria. Also fermented is Kombucha- a clear liquid flavored with sometimes fruit or herbs and has healthy bacteria like yogurt.

3. Goats milk is healthy for you, less lactose and better than cows milk, It’s easier to digest.

4. Smart water is a quality source of water with lots of electrolytes. When its very hot,  outside and you sweat, you lose electrolytes which are needed to keep you are in balance.

5. Almonds and walnuts are good with breakfast foods, protect against heart diseases,   and they are a good plant source of proteins and good fats

6. Extra virgin oils have no chemical processes to extract oil. Coconut and olive are the best choices of oil. Olive oil is high in antioxidants and vitamin e which is good for skin. Coconut oil supports normal brain function in infants and supports metabolism and thyroid function.

7. Alaska caught or wild salmon –farm raised animals and farm raised fish promotes inflammation. High protein lots of vitamins and minerals. Good to put on salad one to two times a week

8. Leafy greens include spinach and kale lightly steam, or lightly cook or eat raw. A C E K, folic acid, magnesium and packed with nutrients. Eat leafy greens 2-3 servings a day. They lower inflammation and reduce risk for heart disease.  Don’t overcook spinach or kale as it causes the nutrients to break apart. Did you know there are no nutrients in iceberg lettuce?

9. Quinoa bread is from Peru and is considered a complete protein. Technically used a as a grain in place of rice, or in place of oatmeal as a breakfast.   Easy to cook, and has lots of nutrients and is high in protein. Its is a breakfast item instead of cereal

10. Ezeko bread – Sprouted grain bread it contains no flour and is gluten free. The brand is called good for Life.  There are including, tons of products, that are easy to digest. The raw grains are soaked on water and baked… It is very filling, rich with fiber and makes you full and lasts a long time. Packed with nutrients and can be found in a health food store.

I hope using these tips by Natalie will help you become aware and assist you to make better choices with your food selection.



Start now take a small step to develop healthier eating habits. If you eat better then you will feel better. Start now, Choose from this list what you enjoy and eat them as regularly as you incorporate them within your everyday eating.

Getting healthy is a choice. Kindness to you is a rare gift of the heart. You are important and you matter! 

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for 10 Simply Easy Healthy Weight Loss tips that I used to begin my weight loss journey losing over 70 pounds.


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Believe and you will achieve what is within your heart and on your mind. All you need to do is use the power of your thoughts to find the happiness that is inside of you.  You hold the answers & do not need to know them all your deepest desires in advance. Take one step at a time. It takes courage and strength to begin, but you’ll find the courage to succeed if you only keep trying. Start when you are feeling challenged and need to endure something difficult for doing so will help build your muscles for even tougher challenges. Yes, the going is tough but no matter how long it takes you must never never give up!

Keep on climbing and keep the vision of an even greater end goal in mind. When the going gets tough that the victory begins. No mountain is as high as it seems. You can reach the top plus have all that you desire if you ACT on your dreams. You must keep your dreams alive. Never let go, never give in.  Always fight for a brighter tomorrow because it is the future that holds your dreams! ~Bonnie



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We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think.
When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves.

~The Buddha

We all have challenges in life, however remember the key to happiness is how we handle these challenges. There is always a message that is given and a lesson to learn. The joy is what you will do with the lesson you learn when it arrives.

Your beliefs, your attitude and how you see things are what matter. Never quit and say it’s not possible. Find the inner strength to accept, forgive and move forward. You must believe better days are ahead. You must believe in yourself and trust your decisions. You have a choice on how you feel.

What is needed to gain your desires is within YOU. Just believe. Look to your inner guidance, know your capabilities and learn to trust your inner guidance.

Believe and Trust You!

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BALANCE is a true challenge in my life. What about in YOUR LIFE?  Everyone has different experiences, when you realize change is needed then you can create realistic expectations of yourself. Here are just a few some tips that have helped me:

Choose to be positive. Your mindset needs to be filled with positive thoughts in order for you to have your best life. Make sure to let go of the negative thoughts.

Surround your self with positive people.

Be kind to others, share your experiences as you explore these new lessons, and support one another.

Experience nature around you, respect your body, and choose to live a healthy lifestyle.

Life is about balance. Don’t despair if the results evade your grasp. This too will take time, patience and a willingness to be ready to do the work. Nobody can do it for you. Get focused now and you will enjoy the journey as you adopt new habits and live your  life to the fullest with a grateful heart. Don’t be afraid to reach out to someone, believe in yourself, and respect your body and spirit. Becoming a more healthy and happy person is the ultimate “goal” as you move closer to improved health and well-being.

My fitness trainer, (the creator of this video and many others) Gena is a compassionate Lifestyle Moderation Coach who has written an ebook called “The Livings Key Principles”. Her insights are profound and will make a difference in your life. It is my desire to express my gratitude and appreciation to Gena Livings for all of her inspiration, dedication and support in making, for the first time in my life, this weight loss journey a successful one! Make sure to download Gena’s ebook, it’s inspiring and wonderful!

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Be inspired! Take one step each day toward what you desire Reach for your dreams. Live life to the fullest, you never know what tomorrow may bring. Be gentle with yourself for YOU truly do matter! You can do anything that you set your mind to. Believe in you. I certainly do! Create an excellent day. ~Bonnie

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Aruba 2013 Neil Bonnie and AmandaQuestion… Do you ever feel a little overwhelmed by what you have to do before you leave on vacation?  When you’re away do you know how to relax, or are you the type of person who is stressed and worried when you take time away from your business or corporate job? If you do find yourself stressed, now is the time to make a change by fully embracing the idea that you can feel refreshed, relaxed and rejuvenated while away from your post and still maintain the feeling upon your return. How wonderful it would be to completely unplug!  Yes, it is possible and you can do so with the confidence of knowing all is well because you’ve taken the time to cover all the bases before starting your new adventure. The calm and peace is well worth the work you will put in beforehand. It has taken me years to do so without guilt so that I’m fully present for my family and friends, and I now return feeling refreshed, relaxed and rejuvenated. If I can relax… YOU  can too!

hut aThis amazing snapshot is just part of of what I experience when I go to vacation with my family on the island of Aruba (which is only about 21 miles), located in the southern part of the Caribbean Sea. The island may be small but because there are no distractions, it is the perfect place to unwind. My favorite place in Aruba is the Casa Del Mar Resort (where my favorite lounge chair resides lol).

Yes, it is possible to relax as you enjoy your vacation and also being committed to your health and wellness. Being away is no excuse for not taking care of your body, and being very conscious of what you are eating and drinking. Decide before you go that you will relax, enjoy time with family and friends, and also maintain a balanced lifestyle while on vacation. Make sure to incorporate some peace and quiet. Running around can take its toll so make it a point to be still, relax, and clear your mind.

One great way to do this is through exercise which reduces stress as you burn calories, improve cardiovascular health, and improve circulation through your entire body. My rule is no lounge chair until I do some type of exercise, whether it be an abs stretching class, water aerobics, a walk on the beach or doing laps in the pool. Make it your rule too and your body will appreciate your healthy choices. You are wired with alerts that will tell you exactly what your body needs, you only need to stop and pay attention. Remember to simply have fun when choosing your activity. If you have had never taken classes while you are away, you will be truly amazed how enjoyable it is to burn calories while on vacation. You will just feel good all over. I know this because for years because I sat on my lounge chair simply reading a book or listening to the music when the class was taking place. Now I participate. I’m so glad I made the plunge! Once I work out, I do my best to do it early in the day then I could be free to find my lounge chair and then have the rest of the day to chill out.

It’s also very important to start early to build a relationship with your associate or team members, a reliable person you can trust that you believe can manage your everyday tasks while you’re on vacation so you will be confident and not have to worry your job or business.

Simple Tips How a Busy Professional Can Unplug And Enjoy Vacation

Prepare in advance:
Make a list of important procedures and information. Devise a plan before you go away what you desire to happen if certain situations occur and communicate with your team. This way you know that you did all you could to have things the same as if you were making the decision yourself, the day it occurs while you are away and not in the office. It is also a good idea to go over important matters with your clients in advance of your departure. They really appreciate you being in touch with them and you also don’t want them to take their business elsewhere.
Create a way to communicate with your office:
Most times it’s not necessary to take your business with you when you travel; however your chances of a worry-free vacation are much improved when you are able to check on what’s important for you. You can bring a lap top, an iPad or have access to a cell phone.  Nobody says you have to be on call day and night and not enjoy your vacation but it’s important to be able to communicate if something arises. When I travel, I monitor the stock market periodically through the day by listening to talk around the pool or a quick look at CNBC on the TV. I mostly use E mail as a way to communicate with my team, but I purchase an international cell phone if direct communication is necessary.
Decide what an emergency is and under what circumstances do you want your replacement to contact you while you’re on vacation? Be clear about your expectations. Meet with the person who’s going to be backing you up and see what concerns she or he has. Having someone else be in control of things for brief periods, even if it’s just a day, will give you both the chance to see how things go and work out the details of your “away” plan.
Keep your commitment:
What are you responsible for that you promised you would get done while away?  Do what you say that you promise to get done while you are away.  When you can be trusted people desire to do business with you.
Always have a backup plan:
Start early to get what you promised done so you can keep your word, responsibility and your promise. For example, the responsibility of writing and article for a blog post while away. I learned your battery can be low on your computer, or a part brakes and you have no access to your hard drive. Send your files that you are using to AOL, G-mail, Hotmail, wherever your email is, so you can have access.  Realize your personal files on your computer such as word or excel you will not be able to access but you will be able to get what you send to your E mail accounts.
If you are little more computer savvy, back up your files to a small flash drive which are very inexpensive, easy to use and convenient. With a flash drive you are able to have a back up to your own files from your home or office computer for reference without an internet connection.
Your own personal health is important:
Clear your mind. You are worth more to your clients, employees, and yourself when you rejuvenate, refresh, relax and have some fun while on vacation.  Take a few days and step away from your daily habits and routines. If you are anxious, wound up and challenged by having to relax, stop for a moment reach out to a friend for support. Remember someone would do the same for you.  Your friends have words of wisdom that will calm your thoughts. Don’t forget to say ‘Thank You’ and show your appreciation.

You matter, so give yourself permission to take the time off and rejuvenate your brain, rest your body and change your routine. A vacation is a period of time you experience different things, not do more of the same. The time away will empower you to move forward with clarity and a renewed purpose.

Remember to take full advantage of what is available when it comes to technology so you can achieve a worry-free vacation. Your chances of enjoying your time away are greatly improved because you prepared in advance and are still able to keep tabs on situations and deal with the challenges, if they arise. A vacation is a refreshing necessity and well deserved for everyone. When you prepare in advance, create clear communication, institute a backup plan and incorporate a commitment of trust so you will find that the return home will be much more enjoyable.  Getting to take a vacation in the future will be a whole lot easier and rewarding.Aruba 2014 my family

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